Discussion: White Man Who Killed Unarmed Black Woman In 'Self Defense' On Trial

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The defense will attempt to prove to the court that unarmed Black women seeking help have it coming if they knock on a fragile White man’s door.


Someone incomprehensible banging at your door in the early hours of the morning is disconcerting. It requires only slamming the door in their face and verbally yelling “go away”, it doesn’t require a blast from a shotgun to send the same message. Literally and sadly, this was overkill.


Does Michigan have Stand Your Ground? If so, all he has to do is say he felt threatened and he is home free!

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If this guy had just called 911 and left the door closed he wouldn’t be on trial for murder and looking at a life sentence, and the woman would be alive. His mistake was in not understanding that guns do not keep you safe. Guns punch holes in flesh. Untrained people who grab a gun because they’re frightened or angry are very often too rattled to judge the situation accurately or make good choices. That makes this kind of thing nearly inevitable.


You didn’t include that she was maybe drunk and possibly in shock from a car crash. Extenuating indeed.

Maybe? Possibly? Really?

Please. Those conditions don’t mean much when you’re on the other side of a locked door. He shot her, from a distance, through the screen door after he opened the front door.

Hope the Jehovah Witnesses take a lesson from this.


and too dammed scared to pick up a phone and call a cop…then again with the cops it might have tuned out the same way

My thought was similar. I can only assume that the gun nut hasn’t yet learned his numbers.

I wouldn’t have even opened the door…my first thought is I’m calling 911, unless I hear the person calling my name, etc. or in some other way giving me the impression that I might know him/her. Otherwise, 911 - and the drunk person would be alive and I wouldn’t be on trial for any degree of murder. Some things/people/behaviors are just stupid.

The woman was drunk and drunk folks do dumb shit. I tend to call 911 first and then get as far away from the drunk (or unpleasant situation) as possible. Opening my door without knowing what’s on the other side is just not at the top of my list of smart moves in a situation like this.


I remember the same thing happening to us–except for the shooting. A stumbling drunk woman showed up at our door in the middle of the night. We assessed the situation by looking out the window and talking to her before we opened the door, saw that she was alone, then called 911, and waited for the sheriff which took awhile because we live in an unincorporated area of our county and the sheriff only has one or two deputies out at that time of night. Had she been coherent enough to tell us her name and where she lived, my husband would have probably driven her home. No need to murder someone because you are a stone cold coward with a gun.


I’m not getting the timeline here. Did she drink AFTER smashing her car? Was she so drunk when she smashed it that she was still drunk 3.5 hours later? What was she doing during the 3.5 hours?


This is what we call structural racism. Unless we all think that a petite blonde white teen from Grosse Point would also be lying dead under the same circumstances. Sure, you can make arguments about how scared he might have been, but that doesn’t address why he might have been scared.

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I just have a huge problem with answering your front door, no matter how rudely pounded on, with a shotgun blast.

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I was wondering the same thing.

Sounds like she either knocked herself out or passed out.

The thing is, many, many people who think owning a gun make them safer are, at some level, constantly engaged in a stream of subconscious Travis Bickle type fantasies, constantly playing out scenarios in which their possession of a gun makes them heroes, running over all the scary things that could happen that make them think they need a gun to keep them safe. Fantasizing about someday getting an opportunity to shoot someone, to put it bluntly. Most do it at a deeply subconscious level, I think, but some–and I fear there are a lot of these “somes” out there–do it far more consciously and overtly. They fantasize about how important and powerful gun ownership makes them and are basically evaluating their entire world in terms of whether it has finally provided with an opportunity to kill someone defend themselves.

I think Zimmerman was one such. I think that bastard, also in Florida, who shot the kid in the SUV whose music was too loud was another. The NRA constantly stokes this mindset, the climate of fear and the illusion that gun ownership is some how a manly act of taking control of one’s own destiny is the core of their ideology and sales pitch.

I don’t know this guy, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what we’re looking at here.

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