Discussion: White House: President Trump Briefed On Mass Shooting In Las Vegas

Tweet, Pray, Think.

(Trump really only does one of these things).

“Warmest condolences?” FFS!

I have no doubt that his first questions were “Was he a Muslim? Was he black?” Yes, my cynicism is the country in which we now live.

He will not handle this tragedy as an actual president would.

@candirue - I doubt that thought or prayer even comes into his process. More like Tweet, Blame.

“We are monitoring the situation closely and offer our full support to state and local officials,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.

Because it’s not like it’s some island of browns surrounded by water, this is America!


God bless you!
Exclamation point?
Why not Have a nice day!

You missed the smiley face you orange pustule :grinning:


Yeah I thought warmest seemed kinda creepy too. He just seems to has no practice at sympathy whatsoever.

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“Heart felt” or “deepest” go with “condolences” but certainly not “warmest”.

Sociopaths don’t know how to express feelings they don’t possess.

He never needed to fake that on his previous jobs, so he doesn’t have a lot of practice.

Or talent.

Or the slightest inclination to learn.

I think it’s just a missing piece of his egotistical personality to feel any sorrow for someone else’s misfortune or pain.

Now, if there were a leader of any other country in the world as lacking in class as Donald J. Trump, he or she would have tweeted within minutes of the news of this tragedy, “We must be smart. Ban assault weapons.” or “Time to crack down on right wing militias. We must be tougher and smarter.” Or something along these lines.

This a##hole actually TWEETED this !!! The man is out of his goddamn mind!
Is he still at his golf course? Will he be playing a round this afternoon!!!