Discussion: White House: No, Obama Isn't Planning A Post-Presidency Media Career

Shortly after an anonymously-sourced Mic News report made waves on social media, White House Communications Director Jen Psaki tweeted that Obama has “has no plans to get into the media business.”

One source told Mic that the President had been interested at one point in creating his own media company before “cooling” on the idea.

/eye roll

I’m so sick of anonymous sources. Seems anyone can say make up anything and then say someone told them the info as cover. This is getting ridiculous


In a way, I wish he would get involved in a post presidential media career.

In a media-saturated world where facts don’t matter, a dose of Obama-level-headed intelligence, may be desperately needed.


Agree. Though ponder, how much traction does Elizabeth Warren get?

Probably the same as before. Unfortunately.