Discussion: White House: Boehner Lawsuit Is 'Higher Gear' Of GOP Obstructionism

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They don’t care about ‘most’ Americans (they’ve demonstrated that over the last six years). They are doing this for their base and for their donors.

They sort of missed the message as was stated in Mississippi yesterday with the run-off election that ‘most’ Americans don’t favor their stand.

As long as they continue to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, as happened yesterday, they will move farther to the right and continue to alienate voters.

Couldn’t happen to a better bunch. I’m all in favor of opposition, as long as the opposition has an actual position beyond ‘we just don’t like the guy’.


If this is a higher gear, Boehner must be the knob. Shifter knob.


Once again, he’s trying to save his job. If John of Orange doesn’t do something to quell the TPers who are pissed he didn’t hand a leadership job to one of them, he is out as Speaker (or, hopefully, Minority Leader) next year. Fact.


The GOP is becoming increasingly ridiculous and irrelevant to good governance. It was good to see McDaniel defeated–when he was asked what he could do for his constituents if elected he answered, “Nothing. I want to get government off your backs so you can do for yourself.”

That anti-government stance was roundly rejected by the voters, Dem and GOP, black and white of Mississippi. And once it gets clearer and clearer to the people who vote, this scenario will be repeated across the nation. The GOP is losing big time with its NONSENSE.


Alaska Fish and Wildlife Federation and Outdoor Council, Inc. v. Dunkle, 829 F.2d 933, 938 (9th Cir. 1987), basically stated that the Executive Branch can set aside the enforcement of a law via policy.

Look it up.


Exactamundo. With the election of Scalise as the No. 3 person in the House, Boner knows there’s laser being trained on his back. Most likely by Hensarling or the other one (can’t remember his name now). Personally, I don’t think it’s gonna work and he’ll be out of there after the midterms. The teabaggers are ANGRY (as always) and they will NOT BE IGNORED!

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RWNJ’s reduced to trolling for activist judges to further their agenda to compensate for the complete absence of ability to legislate. Anyone else feeling the irony burn there?


So they really want to go there? Fine. the administration should unleash a slew of lawsuits contesting things such as the debt ceiling, which infringes on executive authority.


I wonder if he’ll even file it. We will probably hear about this again before November, but afterwards…?

Bone-head is being extremely short-sighted. If the USSC rules against Executive Orders in general, then it will impact not just President Obama but every president afterwards INCLUDING REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS!

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Boner must have had an extra shot of breakfast this morning…

Boehner is bluffing.  Suing requires taking a actual position on governing that you have to defend publicly.

This is like GOP coming up with a Obamacare replacement plan. It is easy when you make broad generalizations, but once you get into actual policy details, Republicans will be forced to defend some unpopular positions.


Hope Agent Orange doesn’t have a pet rabbit.

Well, if you’re going to tie up Congress, why not tie up the courts while you’re at it?

Which is why (I think) SCOTUS either rules in favor or dismisses without comment. Scalia and Co. don’t want to take that club out of “President” Cruz’ bag.

Maybe they can get that guy who stopped the Walker investigation! He seems like a competent jurist…

I guess Boehner has never read the Constitution (like most Republicans.)

The EXECUTIVE BRANCH has wide discretion (signing statements anyone? Bush the Lesser=157, Obama=28) on how to EXECUTE the laws that Congress passes.

Don’t like something the President is doing? PASS A LAW to change it. That is after all YOUR JOB Boehner. ALL LAWS must originate in the House of Representatives. So get going on the change as opposed to a grandstanding lawsuit designed to get you booked on all the Sunday Talk shows.

The Tea-Party wants to Impeach Obama because he’s Black. Boehner knows that would be a monumental electoral disaster (just like last time they tried it with Clinton) so he takes the safe route (typical) and says he will “file a lawsuit”.

Just think. This clown is second in line for succession to the Presidency. (VP, then Speaker of the House.)

That is a frightening thought.

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I’ve been wondering what the drunking alcoholic Speaker would come up with
next to waste taxpayer money and not get anything worth while done.

How long will it take a Judge to say he has no standing or simply throw this
nonsense out of court?

WTF! Boehner?? Now you have truly lost your mind!!