Discussion: While Many Dem Senate Candidates Avoid Philly, McGinty ‘Thrilled’ To Attend

Excellent. Good exposure or her and she’s supporting the Party.


Oh, perfect! She exemplifies today’s Republican party! It’s not your grandfather’s party, that’s for certain!


You see, this might not matter to most, but I live here. Democrats here are in the pocket of the fossil fuel extraction industries, and in a big way. I’m not voting for them. None of them.

If they don’t work for the well-being of people, they shouldn’t work at all.

I live here too. So you prefer that asswipe Toomey?


Enough with this bullshit troll. Flagged.


I don’t think 4 not attending qualifies as " many ". Stop the hyperbole, please.


OK, so long as she doesn’t BOO the speakers, she’s welcome.

I’m not grasping how the Democratic Party was supposed to be neutral towards the guy who’s never been a Democrat, who said “we’ll see” when asked whether he’ll try to help other Democrats get elected. Building the party is at least as important as getting elected yourself!


I am going to vote for her as most Dems in PA will, but I do not know anyone who is enthusiastic about her. She is the choice of the unions and big business contributors who despised Joe Sestak because he would not kowtow to them. Sestak was no radical. That role was taken by John Fetterman, another decent and exciting guy who in a few years could well be governor— imagine Bernie Sanders as a Democrat who wants to learn how to control the machine instead of tearing down the mechanism that gets the votes out. The only reason I am voting for her is that she is a vote that will make Chuck Schumer majority leader. That’s it. I do not hold out any hope that she will do much good beyond that.


Dems in PA must still be reeling after what Arlen Specter put you through. He seemed to be one of you only when he needed you and not a moment earlier.

@Lcelsie Genuine non-attendance is what the Rs are doing by the dozens, Senators, House members, governors as well as the bushies.

Dems in PA are still reeling from having a bad case of Santorums. Even Toomey’s not as bad as that eejit. He’s bad, but not that bad.

Arlen was kinda sorta OK (at least for a Republican). OK, at times. Some times. Towards the end when he wasn’t as batshit crazy as Santorum.

I agree with the Tea Party on their description of Pennsylvania politics— there is no Republican or Democratic party in the legislature— just the Public Sector Unions party. That is the only way you can explain anything that happens here. Every single state elected official is afraid of them because they vote.

Ok, I got it. McGinty supposedly fast tracks an approval for a coal project, in exchange for a $120K donation to her Senate campaign 9 years later. Before she even thought of running for Senate.

That’s a stretch.

I live in PA too, and you must live on the moon to say PA Dems are in the pocket of FFuel industry. Just the opposite, when majority Repubs in the legislature cut any enforcement of energy credits for green energy, but bend over backwards to feed coal, oil, and gas. Repubs passed laws to override local laws against fracking pollution. PA still is the only state in the Union to not tax fracking royalties. Why? Republicans, not Dems. McGinty may be no saint, but she is a damn sight better than Republican polluters.