Discussion: What A Maine Tea Party Battle Can Tell Us About Obamacare's Future

I hang out on SCOTUSblog on these days. Great breakdown from Amy Howe and the others.

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6-3 (as you know) and it looks like it was the usual suspects, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito.


Yup! Evil (Scalia), MiniEvil (Thomas) and PrimEvil (Alito).


And don’t forget the right rounded up four of the stupidest people on the planet to be the King plaintiffs. They didn’t have a clue as to what they’re talking about, including one old fart who was on Medicare.


Hey Republicans, Cons and Baggers and all assorted Rightie Wingnuts!
Here’s a big ol’ salute to YOU from the Supreme Court:

凸(¬‿¬)凸 凸(¬‿¬)凸 凸(¬‿¬)凸 凸(¬‿¬)凸 凸(¬‿¬)凸 凸(¬‿¬)凸


Evil monkeys


Oh yeah, the mulligan in the White House. I think I liked the moment when the president recited the pledge from memory at the first swearing in because obviously Roberts’ head was reeling because of. . . you know.


Couldn’t all the Blue states just secede from the Red states

That could be the answer. Let them find their own teats instead of the ones they’ll suck but hate…

SC voted 6-3 to keep the subsidies.

And I’m SHOCKED that they did that! I guess Wall Street got to Roberts and Kennedy.

What will the 12, 00 Republicans do with themselves today now that they can’t literally pull the plug on cancer patients, it was the highlight of their day.

Oh well, they still have gun polishing and woman bashing to occupy themselves like always.

President Obama wins and we win with him!!!


As a practical matter, and perhaps to assuage some of our cynical prophesying, in the event that the SCOTUS makes the silliest ruling since declaring money speech, just keep in mind just how fucking pissed the insurance industry will be if Republicans don’t fold like the shit-filled cloth diapers they are and fix the language the easy way. They have spent billions on compliance with the ACA, and the subsidies are the lynchpin on which their ability to recoup that investment hinges. All the bluster and the symbolic attempts to extort some drastic ideological agenda item in exchange for changing 4 words in the statute WILL ultimately fail (they might be throw a small bone, which I can live with), and the GOP/Teatrolls are going to end up standing there holding their pathetic dicks in their hands singing mea culpe if they don’t eventually cave…and cave gloriously. The most they ever get out of a negative SCOTUS ruling here is some dishonest talking points and mudslinging that plays solely to their true-believing idiot base, which has largely been the pattern for the past 7 years with almost everything they’ve done to try to swing the populace back to their camp.

I’m not worried about this one and, honestly, I believe that if the conservatives on the SCOTUS are as smart and politically motivated and savvy as we pretend they are, they’ll recognize everything I just said above and decide the case in the right way to avoid that kind of backlash for their conservative brethren.


The USA Spineless Party (Formally known as Democrats) will of course, do no such thing. This campaign will be about how wonderful, glorious, and sweet it will be to elect the first woman President, and how from her Inaugural Platform, she will instantly wave a magic wand, and eight (or twelve) years of wrongs will be magically corrected.
Congress? House? Senate? Picking Supreme Court Justices? (up to four of them)
As long as HRH HRC is our next President, who cares about all the rest of that “Government” stuff, Right?
Americans DO care about the TPP, and they might care even more if in a (ha-ha-ha) free society, they could be openly and freely informed of what the TPP’s provisions are.
Americans care about a great many things.
Their elected officials do not.
But you wanna know the thing the politicians care about least of all?
All “them poors” who will lose their hope, and their LIVES, mostly because it’s too darn late for Democrats to pull their heads from their backsides, and start acting like the political party which cares for people…
All that matters to Democrats now is the coming Coronation.
What does it matter if a few “little people” get caught under the wheels of the State Coach along the way?
No matter what it might cost, nor who pays for it, and in which currency.

Really? Link?

I’m guessin’ that the lePage will be the next to announce he’s running for prez…

That’s for damned sure. I scratch my head every day wondering why the Democrats can’t hire someone who is an expert in messaging. They certainly need one because the Repukes have the best talking points echo chamber

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Time and again, Paul Lepage and Scott Walker and Teddy boy Cruz and Marco Rubio and the rest of the wing nuts provide America with a clear view of irrational and undesirable extremism. Paul Lepage and Teddy boy Cruz have done more to help Democrats and moderate Republicans to coalesce around common sense and workable solutions for America than any other factor out there.

Hey Paul Lepage, on your way to the funny farm, we thank you!

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Mainers like to say “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.”

Used to, anyway. In 1936, it became As Maine goes, so goes Vermont.

Do we, now? Just woke up from a nap and feel like I’ve stepped into a time warp:

Final score: America 6, Baggers 3.

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