Discussion: WH: Omission Of Questions From Transcript Of Putin-Trump Presser Not 'Malicious'

I don’t see how the omission from the video would have anything to do with “muddled” audio. The simplest (and in my opinion only) explanation is that this was deliberate.


“Malicious”? No!
“Intentional, in order to mislead”? Yes!


It was not not malicious.


Of course it was not malicious.
Nothing to see here. Move along please.
It might be easier to accept the WH explanation if it were anyone but Trump involved. His reputation precedes him.

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Please. By now we know what we’re dealing with. It goes without saying that literally no communications from this administration should be taken at face value and anything at all questionable should be considered as done with corrupt intent.


Maddow should just come out and make a very public pronouncement that the reason the White House version of events is dubious is because their first reaction to any sort of news or question is to lie. Just say lying is their default mode of communicating, first and always, especially in the face of indisputable evidence their postion or explanation is false.


In my humble opinion, Maddow is being too generous. The deleted question and Putin’s response referenced whether besides wanting Trump to win, Putin ordered his government and intelligence services to take any actions to promote this preference. I have now seen the video of this exchange several times. And Putin was not only saying that he favored Trump in the US Presidential election. In my opinion he also said “Yes I did.” to answer the second part of the question. He said he also ordered his intelligence people to take actions to promote this preference. And he said why. It was not a long, analytical answer but it was a yes answer to both aspects of the question.


Helsinki presser - words that were spoken are deleted in the WH transcript and video. No explanation for why the transcript hasn’t been corrected after the “mistake” was pointed out. No explanation at all for why the video was altered, which had to be done intentionally. The longer they go without correcting both, the more the story will fade away to be replaced by newer outrages.

Meanwhile, words that were not spoken by Trump are added to the WH-provided transcript of the Cohen-Trump tape, and to Rudy’s description of it, in order to claim Trump was totally against paying cash for hush money and was going for full record-keeping and accountability (except for that minor oversight of not listing the payoff, or others like it, as a campaign contribution).

From the former reality TV show host who proclaimed on the campaign trail, “I will never lie to you.”


MSNBC host Rachel Maddow leveled the charge Tuesday night, accusing the White House of deliberately leaving out the question.

Did the AP writer even listen to the TRMS segment? Ms. Maddow, as always, was extremely thorough and clear with her language. Her issue wasn’t that the WH had inadvertently left out the question, but that a week after it’d been widely reported, they still haven’t corrected it. And that the omission is in both the WH version of the transcript and video.


There is nothing malicious about the mulligan memory hole. It makes lies as well as the truth just go away.

This is only the beginning of Trump attempting to make him look all knowing and always loved and believed by all.
Banning an CNN reporter,downing the Press in front of our,not his, military is a start.
When is arresting reporters,book burning and such going to start?


Um, that started on Day 1.


So every day the Don yammers on about " fake news" …all the while creating his own fake news hand over fist…American imbeciles still buying last we checked…


The worst boss I ever had was routinely a complete a-hole to me and others, and for a while I stressed out trying to figure out his motivations for acting like such an a-hole. Eventually I got smart and realized IT DOESN’T MATTER. Why he acted like an a-hole made no real difference.

The trump administration is constantly deceptive. The reason why is, frankly, immaterial.


Yep. I remember commenting on this response at the time. Still surprised that it wasn’t a big part of the coverage as it seems to me that Putin admitted in plain words that he in fact ordered his minions to help Trump get elected.


Every member of the House and Senate should be forced to a recorded vote on censuring the President for directing that the official records of his joint press conference with Vladimir Putin be altered.

Censure is not written into the House rules, so it is likely that the partisan majority would simply ignore a motion offered by a Representative.

But in the Senate, a motion to censure can be introduced by any Senator and then a vote is necessary, even to prevent the debate. It can be done by the Senate alone (as has been done once before), or as a joint resolution to be sent to the House if passed.

Senate Democrats should learn how to force a focused debate, for once: this is an obvious, motivated attempt to lie to the public: Senators should be on record – are you for lying to the public in official records, or not?


The two pictures are from the cover of Carlos Franqui’s Retrato de Familia con Fidel (Family Portrait With Fidel), the picture on the right was the original official government picture including the bearded Franqui right next to Castro (Franqui was appointed director of the Cuban Regime newspaper Revolucion in 1959). The picture on the left was the official government picture after Franqui broke with the Revolution and left Cuba. I am sure there are plenty of other examples in the USSR and Nazi regime histories. But this is essentially what the Trump Regime attempted to do. And again, it shows not only Donald Trump’s thin skin and hypersensitivity, but also his consciousness of guilt of collusion and his ongoing attempts to obstruct justice. He has spent his entire life erasing sexual encounters, business fuck ups, discriminatory rental practices, illegal labor practices, collaboration with the Mafia, and his money laundering for Putin and his regime. He thinks he can just continue. And so does FOX Propaganda.


“Maliciousness” is the Trump cadre’s guiding principle. It’s actions are invariably malicious. One should presume malicious intent unless irrefutably proven to the contrary.


It’s very strange the WP is giving the WH the benefit of the doubt considering their frequent confirmed lies.

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