Discussion: WH Cheers Pelosi On Impeachment: 'Glad' She 'Sees What The Rest Of Us See'

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I think it’s time to start a “He’s not worth it” campaign. He’ll be begging to be impeached before you know it.


So we all agree how worthless he is, alright.


Give Trump an inch he takes a mile. Now he’ll go back to raising the bar of impeachment to ‘collusion’ just after Michael Cohen helped us broaden the basis for impeachment.

I love Nancy Pelosi, but impeachment was designed for just this President. She has to measure up to the challenge of our times. I was aghast at those who would challenger her given the national crisis that we find ourselves in. But if she prejudges impeachment based on what Senate Republicans may or may not do, then she isn’t rising to the challenge.


Yes. the rest of us see that you are just not worth it. Given how long impeachment would take voting your corrupt, venal, bigoted, moronic, puerile, mendacious, narcissistic, criminal ass out of the office of the presidency is probably the best move. We can put your ass in jail for your crimes after the white house is fumigated.


“The President has done an incredible job in his first two years in office. The country is better than it has been in decades and we are actually making progress on a number of fronts. I think it’s time for other Democrats in Nancy Pelosi’s party to get on board, start doing what they were elect to do.”



Oh Sarah, Donnie is not going to be happy after he sees the opening monologues on the late night shows tonight. You just wrote the jokes for Colbert and Kimmel.


But on the plus side, Trump is forever disqualified from access to L’Oreal.


“Pelosi told the Washington Post on Monday evening that she’s not interested in impeaching Trump unless there’s bipartisan evidence.

I thought it was bipartisan support.


“The President has done an incredible job in his first two years in office. The country is better than it has been in decades and we are actually making progress on a number of fronts.


Now they’re trying to goad dems into impeachment :joy:

Poor Spanky will have to redo his entire campaign strategy.


Don’t go that far Hamhock.
We know what trump is.

           --- yet ---

it’s such a little word …

easily overlooked … especially when just implied —


They ‘see’ he’s just not worth it? Cool.

yup … teeny tiny wittle … ‘yet’.

Now, if Mueller bails on the Trump family and indicts none of them, then Nancy best put the fucking pedal to the fucking metal.


SARAH forgets it was the REPUBLICANS who convinced NIXON to resign, to avoid impeachment…unless TRUMPfs deplorables vote him out of office , and he is soundly defeated…we will always have them with us.,when REPUBLICANS see their ratings drop, as they did with NIXON, then they will become men/women who actually care about the country…pathetic SARAH is simply the vehicle for TRUMPfs rantings,… I see her make -up etc. has had a huge makeoever!!! but she still wears those ghastly pearls.


Pelosi is doing exactly what the Republicans want. They don’t want a trial in the Senate because it is a lose-lose proposition for them. Vote to convict alienates the base, vote to not convict alienates independents and moderates.

Pelosi says “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it.”

What country is she living in? The country is already massively divided, and “bipartisanship” is totally one-sided. She should be concerned about uniting the Democrats, and motivating them to get to the polls. Impeachment would do that.

If you’re against impeachment, then you’re for Trump staying in the White House.

Impeachment Now!



“I’m glad that she sees what the rest of us see, that there is no reason, no cause for impeachment,”

Serious sense of…

But they won’t get it. Heh.


Maybe Pelosi got the read-aheads of the upcoming indictments, and sees no point in jumping on the bandwagon because the whole Trump clan will be getting measured for new outfits.


Does this mean that Ma Hamhock agrees with us that the prez is a big fat orange liar who is too corrupt, unethical, and sleazy to hold office? 'Cuz that’s what I see.