Discussion: WATCH: 'SNL' Mocks Carson's Demeanor On 'Fox And Friends' Skit

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Well, that sucked. If that’s the best satire they can do on Flakey Carson they ought to refer to the posts on TPM about this guy for better material. Much funnier stuff by far can be found here…though they might have to add a few bleeps here and there to add it to network TV.


I missed that satire. And the humor. Just sounded like everyday news anymore.

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I watched this last night and smiled (slightly) a few times.

Might be because I’m old but SNL simply isn’t funny anymore.


But Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.


Now THAT was funny!

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There’s a variant of Poe’s law at work, here. How do you parody something that’s inherently ludicrous?



See Tina Fey doing her impression of Sarah Palin. The best one is where she literally lifts Sarah’s speech word for word.


The actors deserve better writers.

On the other hand, Comedy Central is killing it. I had an incredible “eureka” moment watching Trevor Noah the other day equating modern day, anti-immigrant conservatives to the native American Indians who believed they could easily turn back the palefaces, unaware of the tsunami headed their way.

As usual, anything NBC-related does not download well to my programming. After reading yours and others’ posts, it sounds like I’m not missing anything.

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Same here. I emailed NBC week-before-last and asked them what the problem is, why any YouTube video will load without hesitation but anything on their site takes … well, I don’t know how long because life is too short.

Their answer? (Crickets.)

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I’ve never had a very easy time downloading their stuff ever since Microsoft implemented Windows 10. I can’t say with certainty it is that, but–like you–I have no issues with You Tube or most other networks stuff (except some of CNN’s things … but I believe that may be due to their programming trying to fight my own ad/spamware. The powers-that-be (the four or five of them) have made the internet, TV and radio experience so cumbersome. We’ve always had advertisements–and I have no issue with them–but when they all harangue your computer’s or phone’s power and drain to near nothing or literally stop all other functions, they’ve crossed a line. They’ve really ruined the experience in many ways.


They’re operating on a model where they don’t understand how essential responsiveness is to the average net-savvy consumer: they expect to continue to coast on their mere abundance of content. They’ll be uncomfortably shocked in ten years when everything falls out from under them if they keep on this path. This is related to the same issue where most news websites also load very slowly even though their primary product is pure-text.

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Very well stated! Those who are making the decisions which lead to that unpleasant experience for us consumers are far behind the curve. You are so right.

People have been saying that since it premiered in the 70s. It’s still funny.

That was really terrible. The guys in the cast can’t do impressions. (Plus the writing is bad.)

The best Carson impression I’ve heard is this guy on Sam Seder’s Majority Report podcast. It’s pretty hilarious. Plus he does these absurdist right-wing Nelson Mandela and Muslim Obama bits that are very funny.