Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Trump Holds Presser With Finnish President At 4:20 PM ET

(I am paraphrasing Trump from his press conference).

TRUMP: “With God’s Grace the people of Texas will come through this disaster.”

GOD: “People of Earth: You broke it, you bought it!”

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I am always so embarrassed when our President (shudder) stands next to another world leader. Even in a country the size of Finland, their President speaks multiple languages, with a better vocabulary than Trump, and displays a better commend of issues. Trump, after refusing to answer some tough questions about Russia and the Paris Climate Accord, is rambling on with a list of other individuals pardoned by past presidents to defend himself on the Arpaio issue. He is snide, distracted, stupid and unprofessional on every level - and he just confused two Finnish female reporters as being the same person.


Minna Hakkinen: “I would like for you to understand that in my country, politics is a lot more honest.”

Selina Meyer: “In your country, people fuck snow. And I hope you understand I say that with the utmost respect.”

The entire riff on Sheriff Joe was nauseating. Sheriff Joe repeatedly and knowingly violated the civil rights of American citizens. Comparing his pardon to the commuted sentences of people who actually served prison time is laughable. He was seriously defensive and said Joe Arpaio was treated unfairly by the Obama administration. The man is a total embarrassment.


I didn’t see anything there but a friggin’ lil Finnish wuss kissing Drumpf’s bunghole.Notice Drumpf’s “bully” mode, swerving and glaring at his punk? It’s a goddam fascist disgrace.

I’d like to see a reporter ask if NAFTA was so bad for the USA, why did every single republican vote for it?

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He just argued that we need the wall at the Southern border due to tremendous amount of drugs brought into this country. And in the same breath he said that traffic(drugs immigrants?) has been reduced by 81%. His own words betrayed him.


Has President Niinistö been presented with the electoral college map, signed by President Trump yet?

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Trump’s entire justification of why he did it was nakedly political, too. He could’ve said that Arpaio was found guilty of contempt of court for refusing to stop an activity he can’t continue now that he’s been voted out. It would’ve been a lie, but it would have at least been a sop to the idea of ‘hey, the court wanted it stopped, it stopped’, especially if he tossed on ‘he’s eighty-five years old and has been a dedicated public servant’…

No no… instead, it’s all about how Joe has the right positions on Trump’s issues, and about how he was wronged by the Obama administration (who had no control over the judiciary that issued the contempt conviction, but whatever), and then went and started justifying it by ‘hey! 20 years ago some other guy did some stuff, too!’

Who gives a rat’s ass about Mark Rich these days? More importantly: ‘Hey, some other guy assassinated Lincoln’ wouldn’t be taken as justification for shooting the President now, so why is this ‘I’m not the only one who did something questionable’ even considered an actual response?

I look forward to the continuing adventures of The Count of Monte Cristo that will doubtless come from the administration of this colossal Dumas.

WATCH LIVE: Trump Holds Presser With Finnish President At 4:20 PM ET

I wish Trump were Finnished.


Black carbon.

“We have a lot of blond women in Finland,” the reporter interjected. (WAPO)

How comforting that Stalin didn’t invade Finland in 1939 or renew that fight in 1944 or that relations between Finland and Russia have always been frosty
I am sooo comforted that trump is aware of actual reality.

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Officer training in the US includes study of Finnish tactics against Stalin’s forces in the Winter War, so one of his generals might have given him a 10-second briefing before he went out in front of the cameras.

A joint press conference at 4:20? You made that up, didn’t you, Esme? :smile:

I refuse to look and listen to Dickhead Donny .

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