Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Trump Gives Speech On Obamacare At 11 AM ET

Will anyone ask Trump about his Russia connections and his campaign’s collusion with Russian intelligence? Of course not. The ludicrous double standard continues.


He only agreed to speak in King of Prussia because he misheard the name and thought Putin would be there.


Now that President HO is a looming possibility, I’ve started envisioning him and the rethuglican congress repealing the aca, stacking the SCOTUS with troglodytes, and turning the executive branch into an actual influence peddling joke. This is not a ride I want to be on.

Wait, hasn’t that been the Republican line from the very day Obamacare was passed?

Trump knows nothing about the ACA. He’s never been without insurance. He’s had a gold spoon in his mouth since birth. He has zero empathy for people who struggle. He should STFU or talk about something he knows, like bankrupting casinos. The folks who fall for his dreck, you just can’t overestimate their gullibility.

Doesn’t matter what he thinks. Turnip’s toast.

Smoking gun found on Weenie’s ‘device’ ___ Just took one selfie to end it all.
Gave over. ~Boom goes the dynamite!~ :

Kind of amazing all the commercials against O’care when it seems like there are a lot more folks being helped by it than not. Seem like it might cause more folks to want to vote against republican rather than for.

and holy shit it’s 11:30 and he’s still not onstage, seems like he was really later yesterday.

here’s an NBC link if tpm’s isn’t working for you like it’s not working for me

They are playing Ray Charles which I like but I bet Ray ain’t happy about being associated with Donald!

Starting off with Carson at 11:40 yikes, the world renowned brainless surgeon!

And he started off saying Trump was at the opening of his hotel because it was on time and on budget, something government folks don’t understand…ha ha ha ha

As I walked out the door early this morning CNN was on the telly at there was a story about trump saying Hillary was a “bad example to my son”. Now correct me if I am wrong here…trump’s “reason” was Hillary got 2 questions in advance that were to be used at one of the debates. Now, Barron is about 10 years old. Does he give a damn about policy? My 7 year old grandson cares more about our recent trip to Disneyland than anything political And speaking of examples… Donnie, I would not be letting Barron hear that Apprentice tape until he’s a whole lot older considering you had only recently married his mom and you were recorded talking about getting it on with a different married woman… among other less than savory statements.

Trump must’ve cornered the market on faux gold paint

Sounds like a lot of women cheering.

Earlier I felt somewhat protective of young Barron but now I am reassured that he will end up much like his half brothers. If what I read is true, and Barron has been allowed to fire his own nannies, well, he’s a goner when it comes to becoming a decent adult.

My God, can Trump’s face get any fatter? He must of put on 30 pounds thees last 12 months.

What a bunch of complete BS Pence’s spiel is. The big deal is supposedly buying across state line as if that’s going to change a fucking thing for sick folks that no insurance company will want to insure. God what a bunch of idiots that think this will change anything from what it was.

A boy needs his dad to be a dad for him. Anyone who doesn’t spend time with their offspring cannot be a real man. I worked hard to be an example for my son and now he is doing the same with his son. Together well went to Disneyland about a week ago and I carefully watched the interaction between father, son and mom in its various permutations. My grandson is on a road that will lead to a well adjusted adulthood. Looking at how Barron’s dad behaves… well what can I say?