Discussion: WATCH LIVE: President Obama Announces Medal of Honor

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It’s really great the President honors and brings public attention to these men.


Salute to all veterans!!!
And I love my POTUS!!!
God Bless Florent Groberg!! And his brothers in arms.

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Chris Christie is appalled Obama is egging on Black Lives Matter members to spit on Medal of Honor heroes.

Meanwhile Big Door is wondering if Hillary Clinton wears a wig, Nails is trying to get people to pay attention to him at the Debates and Doctor Goofball’s giving us his wisdom on the Pyramids.

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The Pyramids were built to house Hillary’s wigs.

Archaeologist are now searching for the Ark of the Wig Stands at desert sites.

“…an American we can all be grateful for.”

I see two.


Ditto. I watched the ceremony and young Captain Groberg could barely contain himself he was so overcome. What a fine example of a human being.


I agree Jalus. I wish I had said it first.

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God, it’s been nice having a SMART president for the last seven years.


Let’s just pray there isn’t a Palin spawn in Captain Groberg’s future.

Please Lord, spare him that sort of embarrassment and foolishness.

Have to wonder if the Wing Nutz will freak over his mother being Algerian naturalized French.

Just the sort of combo that gets their cognitive dissonance soaring.

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Captain Groberg was not the only moist eye in attendance and here at home.