Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Final Night Of GOP Convention Kicks Off At 7:30 PM ET

Do we have to. There must be a rerun of Gilligan’s Island on somewhere.

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Here we go! I’ve been thinking all day about what sort of unexpected but, in retrospect, completely planned events might happen. I’m just not sure which is most likely.

  1. Trump’s entrance music replaced by the Imperial March.
  2. One of Trump’s biographical anecdotes will prove to be lifted from the dust jacket of Dreams from My Father.
  3. A hot mic will pick up Trump making vulgar or otherwise offensive comments about the audience or fellow presenters.
  4. Video behind the speaker will feature a silhouette of a woman being waterboarded.
  5. Trump will rant about the unfairness of losing one’s livelihood because of innocent, alleged mistakes, citing Roger Ailes.

Make America great again: End this convention Now!

Hokay, you heard it here first! Here’s what’s next!

“I’m just hoping for a bump.” -Reince Priebus, RNC chairman

The average post-convention bump is 12 percentage points. Four years ago, Mittens’ bump was -1%, so the bar isn’t set very high.

Slightly O/T, but–

For those of you who have been gnashing your teeth all week?
Worried about some demented form of Trumpmentum coming out of this Sh^tShow By The Lake?

And doubting that the Clinton campaign has dotted/crossed i’s & t’s?
Well we know it’ll all come down to GOTV and engaging those millenials who might not-yet-be-tuned-in-- right?

Wanted to say that if this is any indicator of how responsive HRC’s crew looks to be–
I found this in a diary on DKos just a few minutes ago:

"…I don’t understand "Pokemon Go,” but reportedly the (Clinton) campaign
is using it to find out where the game guides people to congregate,
and setting up voter registration tables there."

And a story in the WSJ:

Now can we convince the gamemaker to make polling places part of the game on Nov 8th?



No Thanks. I’m taking a break and am taking some time to curate my collection of blow flies and carrion beetles.


Allegedly, one of his lines is, “…I am your voice.”

Time to get all the Voice GIF’s and Memes out, now…

“Make America One Again”

Of course, Drumpf is using the Royal 'One"

A bump of Peruvian blue flake.


Falwell Junior – Asshat off the butt cheek of his ignorant, hate-filled daddy. His speech is very lackluster. Seriously, even the audience isn’t paying much attention.

Seriously, this man is speaking like he just ate a huge turkey dinner.

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“Donald Trump is America’s blue collar billionaire.” LOL!!

LOL. I believe you.

Flash: HuffPo already has a leaked copy of Trump speech. It is, of course, laughable and frightening:

Worth a quick read, for shits and giggles…and horror, and it gives some time to prepare snark and counter attacks. :smile:

Sheriff Apaio!! Some law and order … and pink undies.

Okay just cool. Very very smart whoever came up with that little idea.


Sheriff Arpaio sounds as if he had the large turkey dinner as well. Slow, slurred speech.

O, gawd – a screamer. Pastor Mark Burnes.

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I’m going to watch by proxy. I’ll stay right here and let y’all tell me what’s happening.

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The idea of the Falwell imprimatur being bestowed upon Donald Trump shows just how much the brand has been diluted.

I was there when the Moral Majority was powerful enough to make demands and forge the third leg of the Republican stool.

Jerry Falwell may have been a pig-eyed, cynical manipulator of the ignorant, but even he wouldn’t have allowed this.

It’s either evidence of an erosion of influence or the result of a yuuuge payoff.

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