Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump Holds Rally In North Carolina At 3 PM ET

Great freeze frame. Really brings out HO’s prominent mouth-anus


Opens bragging about a resort of his in Charlotte.

Straight to Clinton’s e-mail. She’s being protected by a rigged system.

“Lock her up!!”

Ragging on Iran deal.

Obama has to campaign for Hillary because she can’t campaign.

Air Force One is polluting the atmosphere to campaign for Hillary.

Crowd boos Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Michigan is going to vote for Trump.

Tomorrow will be Brexit-plus-plus-plus.

“Drain the swamp!!”

“I don’t have a guitar and I don’t have a piano!”

Clinton’s entertainer friends are foul mouthed.

Media is crooked.

Clinton is a cheater.

I’m not sure if Trump is running to be President or angry Jewish Mother-In-Law in Chief.

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You talk when you should be studying.

Clinton is causing veteran suicides.

Trump won’t allow companies to move to another country without paying a 35% import tax on their products.

U.S. is highest taxed country on Earth.

Will end climate change research.

Trump will be the est friend blacks and Latinos have ever had.

Murder rate is the highest it’s been in the U.S. in 45 years.

Living in American urban cities is like living in Hell.

Inner city schools suck.

Hillary wants to import terrorists into the schools and communities.

Syrian refugee program will be ended.


Clinton created ISIS.

Hillary doesn’t want to fight ISIS, she wants to go home to take a nap.

Gulf States will be made to pay to clean up Middle East.

Infrastructure will be totally rebuilt.

We will be a rich nation.

We will build a great wall and Mexico will pay for 100% of it.

Our trade deficit with Mexico is unbelievable.

These are the best steaks you’ll ever eat. Believe me.


Sanctuary cities will lose ALL Federal funding.

Immigrants are murderers.

There will be a huge enlargement of the U.S. military.

Ticking off all the military installations in NC that will be funneled defense money.

Whatever happened to the element of surprise in attacking Mosul?

You’re a brave man, Steviedee111.

Now after that hate filled rant, let’s go over to the other live stream on TPM that is about to start and watch the next President of the United States. She’s awesome and I’m with her.