Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Clinton Speaks At Early Voting Rally In Florida At 2:45 PM ET

This will blow the bully’s mind:

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Honest to God I think she’s gotten pretty skilled at campaigning. Keep up the good work Hillz WE ARE WITH YOU.

Oh here’s a tidbit I just read—HO has been losing support among white working-class men. Still leads but support down, and Hillary’s rising.


Some WWCM don’t want to be associated with a LOSER. Especially one that is going to get shellacked the way Trump will be (you know these guys, they always wear the jersey of whoever won the Superbowl last year, or World Series, they have no loyalty to anyone or anything, they are the quintessential “just along for the ride” guys who are just as likely to “jump OFF the bandwagon” if it looks like it might fail miserably just so they can say “Well, “I” didn’t support that obvious loser! (I’m so smart).”
Their egos can’t stand the hit so they change candidates at the last minute just to “save face”.
You see a lot more of this among the “Upper-Classes” than the WWCM, but it is there.
That, and The Orange ShitGibbon is such a trainwreck that only the most racist, misogynistic, xenophobic men are still supporting him. I think a LOT of the mildly rational WWCM will vote for Hillary once in the voting booth, but claim they voted for Trump “in front of the guys at work”. i know for a fact that their wives will.

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The “in front of the guys at work” goes back to every scared adolescent in Middle School (which, in the case of Baggers, was probably Jr… High)… :laughing:

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I read or heard that a lot of his falling support is among people who liked other GOP candidates but fell in line as Republicans famously do once Trump was the nominee. Now they’re falling back out of line.


TeaBagger Platoon…HALT!!!


Fall out…

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Nothing to do with Trump at all…Your avatar…If a person did NOT like dogs, that avatar would cure them :laughing:

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Most likely because he is losing… you know, supporting a loser is not what those white working-class men signed up for. It got to be the winner, and that’s the pillar of HO’s entire campaign.

Hillary may still not be a natural politician/campaigner, but she’s damn solid and vastly improved. Compared with her speeches decades ago, the then-now difference is stunning.


Thanks. That my late great Boomer, same litter bro to my late great Mojo

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