Discussion: WATCH LIVE: Bowe Bergdahl's Parents To Address Son's Return

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That was very touching. I watched it on cable and missed the beginning. I must’ve specifically missed the part where he thanked the President though. He did have lots of gratitude for the military, the liaison officers, his community, family, and friends, the Governor of Idaho, etc. I can only imagine the grief and worry this family went through over the years trying to secure his release. I hope the re-adjustment to civilian life proceeds gently and gracefully and without complications for their son Bowe. I wish them well and Bowe, all the best.


I didn’t hear them, but I imagine they did not immediately yell, “Impeach Obama.”

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The Bergdahls lived somewhat off the grid in a small Idaho town, in a small cabin with 5,000 books, Bowe and sister were home schooled, and his curiosity about the larger world drew him to enlist so he could help people around the world. He was sadly disappointed when he saw what went on on the ground in Afghanistan.

Their joy at having him back must be boundless, and the Rs must shut up and not spoil that joy.

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Thanks for the background. I don’t remember reading much about his upbringing or family background, though I could probably google it. It helps to understand where they are coming from…Still, like you, I wish them all the best.

BTW, sometimes I wish I could live off the grid…