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I was a bit disappointed by Season Two - there, I said it. I grew to hate the Underwoods’ and I am hoping they get their comeuppance in Season Three.

I wish they hadn’t made Frank a Democrat though I do know party affiliation is no guarrantee of specific behaviors.

Why didn’t they model Frank after LBJ who was the master of getting things done while progressing from the House through the Senate to the Presidency through multiple terms in each office all without killing someone?

“Grew to”? You didn’t hate them from the beginning? They’re not exactly likable people…

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I had a clue right from the killing of the dog. And the fact he’s married to Mika Brzezinski was the clincher that he was a really terrible person.

The really scary thing is he’s married to Princess Buttercup…

I thought the same thing when I first watched the show. They made his wife a spitting image of little miss passive-aggressive Meeka. I’m pretty sure the character was modeled after her, from the running obsession, to the dire straight-laced attire, to the doo. And clearly if they had made the characters Republicans, they would have had to tolerate the avalanche of rightwing histrionics claiming Hollywood writers were victimizing those poor widdle righties as corrupt and evil again. Besides, the rightwing has no sense of humor when it comes to political representation in showbiz, nor do they have the ability to see irony when its staring them right in the face. Eh, best to stick to characters of the democratic persuasion. The party is a much more tolerable bunch as a whole anyway.

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“No we’re not, dear. We’re Republicans!”

Because it’s based on a British series of the same name (and its sequels) with the same general “Richard III updated” premise. I can’t recommend that brilliant series highly enough; having been too poor to pay for even Netflix streaming for a while now, I haven’t seen this one; hope to sometime, though I fear it might suffer by comparison with the original.

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If you have access to a decent library system, you might be able to borrow the DVDs. That is how I managed to see both seasons as well as three seasons of Game of Thrones and others.

I agree that nothing could top the British original with all the Richard III and Macbeth allusions, and Ian Richardson’s incomparable performance. It begins with Margaret Thatcher’s fall from power, and the wonderful coincidence that she fell from power the week the show debuted on UK TV. I believe it was shown on PBS three months later.

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I didn’t realize it was based on a British series.

That is reminder of when I lived there and used to watch Fawlty Towers and Yes Prime Minister. That does date me, doesn’t it?

Nah; it’s not as if you were there for “Yes, Minister”…;D

Well, I did hear that Yes, Minister was first.