Discussion: WATCH: Hillary Clinton Bartends, Sings During 'SNL' Appearance

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Funny bit!

Hillary does a spot-on imitation of Trump.


HRC did well in this. I also would love to see Trump’s hair mounted in the oval office.


Watched it and was a bit disappointed. I’d hoped a good showing would demonstrate her humor and personability. Not sure if it was the material or the slightly stiff delivery, but I don’t think it will help her image at all. I’d hoped for a Manning or Timberlake like side splitter, but it was meh!

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Loved it. Wouldn’t it be swell if we could skip the dog and pony show and just swear her into office.


I thought it was great. Hit all the right notes.


I don’t know. She, like Gore, are kind of serious people, not larger then life. Forcing them to be over the top funny would be just that, “forced”.

I think she came off well.


Clinton is not a performer, nor is she a football player or a singer who enjoys performing. She’s a serious woman who now finds she has to audition for the most serious job on the planet because we’ve turned into an unserious society looking for yucks from serious people.


Agreed. Her pro life is different than the fun stuff on TV but she is a good sport for jumping in and making us laugh as she laughs at herself. I think it’s a sign of a well adjusted person.


I’ve learned a lot about her over the years and I know her friends say she’s uproarious, laughs easily with people she trusts and knows, but she cannot be herself nor can any other candidate because they’re all cautiously auditioning . Not so much for the casino magnate, he lets it all out.


I thought it was great - especially the line they gave to Bill.


I’ll go further than the others above. I think your analysis of this is totally wrong. I’m a Biden man, but personally I feel sure that this will help Hillary. Her hilarious Trump impression was a showstopper. JMHO, but did you take grumpy pills to begin your day?


Don’t agree. I think just making an appearance on a comedy show helps show another side to her other than the serious policy-oriented one, and introduces her to an audience that might not be familiar with her other than through the unserious media.

A week ago at a family gathering, my nephew’s wingnut mother-in-law surprised me when she said she recently saw Hillary on the Ellen Degeneres show and was impressed with her. She seemed shocked by this, and mentioned how surprised she was to hear Hillary sounding so intelligent.

I told her that Hillary is constantly ranked as among the nation’s and the world’s most admired women, and when I told her she was also ranked among the nation’s top female attorneys when she was practicing, she said she didn’t know Hillary ever practiced law.

It’s amazing how things we might take for granted are so unfamiliar to some, and I appreciate this attempt to soften Hillary’s image, even if she doesn’t come across as a natural born comedian or entertainer.


Precisely. Many people seemed so surprised when they hear her speak in person (and not just for a 10 second sound byte with an accompanying lousy photo of her). It does not fit the image the media does all they can to portray her negatively. In contrast, the media presents Bernie Saunders reasonably well because partly it fits with their negative approach to Clinton.


Stiff as hell, but leagues better than any other politician I’ve seen on SNL. The skit was excellent - several laugh out load moments. Nice job.


My son is in a comedy improv group in college and I know sometimes there’s a wide variety of how funny folks think different parts are. I personally thought this was pretty funny. Whether it helps her or not I think really depends of if you like her or not to begin with so probably won’t changes anyone’s previous opinion.

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I think it’s funny, but the Christian teetotalers will have a field day.

I lived in New York when she first ran for Senate, and much the same dynamic played out then. She initially was rated fairly low in the race, being derided as a carpetbagger on top of her relative remoteness during Bill’s second term and having to deal with all his crap. But she campaigned hard through the whole state during her months-long “listening tour” and really won people over face-to-face, which is hard to do in a state that big.


So the consensus seems to be that if she lightens up a little bit, then it’s bad because she doesn’t look serious. If she’s serious, it’s bad because she’s not approachable.

Hillary Rorschach Clinton

They would never have voted for her anyway.