Discussion: Watch GOP 2016ers Refuse To Name A Single Democrat They Like

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They have a good set decorator. Putting the 2 blimps in the center and with the thin ones flanking looks balanced.

(Nicest thing I can say about this debate.)


It’s obvious why these four are at the kiddies’ table. Geeez - they need to eat and go home!

“The only good DemonRat is a dead DemonRat!”

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If we wait for Krispy and Hucky to get full, we’ll be here all night

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They obviously consulted with a Fling Shit expert.

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Well, the Whore of Babble On was a Faux employee until recently.

Christie’s rising to the occasion:

“I’ll tell you the thing that disturbs me the most about what’s going on with the Democratic Party in Washington: That they’re not standing behind our police officers in this country,” Christie said. "That they’re allowing lawlessness to reign in this country."

LOL. Oh, now, this is rich. Lawlessness. Like Kim Davis? Like the jerk law enforcement officer in South Carolina attacking young black students – in class! Like the mayor of a small Texas town basically attempting to harass Muslim residents – so much so that she had her police officers arrest a student for “a movie bomb.” Like Mike Huckabee’s good friend, Josh Duggar? – And his parents who got away with obstructing a police investigation and shielding their son from a lawful police interrogation? Like the political retribution bridge lane tie-up that nearly cost a man his life?

Those sorts of things … is that what you’re talking about, Governor?


Phoning it in…

From Mars.

I actually thought this was a fairly interesting question. So its not surprising that they barfed all over it. Other than this, they were tossed mostly softballs, but still managed to get themselves in trouble with anyone paying attention.

I was sort of blown away the most that Santorum was advocated for eliminating the VA entirely. The eve of Veterans Day. I was like…wow. But Jindal pussyfooted around saying the same thing. Which was pretty tame considering he is advocating for reducing the GDP by about 4-5% (20%+ reduction in government spending).

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I think this is Santorum’s night to begin his big come from behind.


Tee hee…

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“You know who I respect in the Democratic Party? You know why I respect them? Because they fight!” Santorum said, his voice raising. “Because they’re not willing to back down, and they’re willing to stand up and fight and win. And so I respect them because they are willing to take it to us.”

Santorum is always wrong, really. The one problem the Ds have is that they don´t ¨take it to (them)" enough.


It´s gonna get messy, I´ll bet.


A frothy finish?


Sometimes that’s an indication of a really damned good time. Just sayin’.

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With Piyush as the gravy mopper*?

*The cleanup guy on gay porn sets (according to John Waters)

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I think his support might be bottoming out.


`… while Huckabee reminded the audience that tomorrow is Veteran’s Day.’

Veterans Day.

Damn, this site is hopeless.

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