Discussion: WATCH: Carson Calls Janet Yellen Is A 'Wonderful Person'

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She a good friend, AND I’ve never tried to stab her!


He won’t even respond to an actual question AFTER the debate. The man avoided any and all policy discussions like they were the plague.

Probably rightly so, because when they finally did nail him with one, it was like a deer in the headlights followed by a rambling non-answer that would have made Palin proud.


Carson: 'Merica needs me because Putin will fear me. I am the only candidate who would stab him or throw a rock or something at him. A president must lead by example stabbings, be it Putin or that fat kid running North Korea."

Yeah, but unlike Palin, Carson reads medical journals at least.

C’mon, give the guy some credit, he did alert us about the secret Chinese invasion of Syria.

…including the ones that say taking snake oil supplements cure cancer!

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All of 'em.

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Hey, you know who else is a doctor and President of his country? That’s right Carson. Bashar al-Assad. You two would have so much to talk about…since both of you are complete whack jobs with a highly inflated sense of your own self-importance.

Funny how, even with utterly controlled, shill moderators, this simpleton reminds viewers of his truth troubles without prompting…Elvis has left the pyramid.
Note: I was also highly interested that MSNBC either missed Carson’s remark about Chinese troops (factions) in the Mideast or chose not to excerpt it with a soundbite.

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I’m beginning to wonder if he really was a brain surgeon. I mean brain surgeons really are smart guys. Sure, the “ortho” guys are more like carpenters and cabinet makers than doctors, crafting new limbs out of busted ones with lots of tools you’d recognize in your shed. They don’t even really act l like doctors. They project themselves as TestPilots/Cowboys/CrossFitBros who happen to work in hospitals.

But neuro surgeons are smart. REALLY smart. Ben isn’t at all smart. At all. No Smarts. Dumb, in fact.

This has entered, beating a dead horse, territory.

The results are in, Carson is some form of hybrid quasi intellectual combined with a street corner preacher/evangelist’s faith and a twist of maniacal delusion. Not exactly Presidential, hell, not even exactly qualifiers for greeter at Walmart.

Trump took beatings for months and a conclusion has been reached. Carson has scratched and clawed his way past Trump to be known as the bigger clown. Big whoop, he skimmed through politics for dummies and decided he’s the perfect dummy.

Democrats are looking like brain surgeons compared to these clowns, oh-wait.

“But… you would not necessarily be reappointing her if you became President of the United States?” Cavuto said.

“Well I’m not necessarily even saying that,” Carson said, adding that he’s not considering it “one way or the other.”

Given his chances of being elected, that is a very wise and efficient use of Dr. Carson’s time.