Discussion: Washington Post Says Sanders's Ideas Are 'Not Very Well Thought Out'

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Buckle up… a rough thread ahead…


Trump’s idea of banning Muslims…Cruz’ constitutional amendments…Paul and his end the Fed fetish…pretty much everything Carson says…etc…if WaPo wants to criticize candidates for “not very well thought out” ideas, they’ve got a lot of writing to do.


I think that’s different. That’s wingnuttery. I think WaPo sees the legitimacy of Bernie’s ideas (there is no legitimacy in Cruz or Trump), but he hasn’t been clear at all how he’s going to deliver. That’s the point.


OK, Berniacs. After you get through trashing WaPo and railing about Bezos being in the tank for Hillary, reflect on this. Even a broken clock can be right twice a day. Now Bernie is getting the kind of scrutiny that Hillary has been getting for 25 years and he has a glass jaw.


The press should focus more on reporting and less on shaping…


Yes, this is a great point. There was a lot of complaining that Bernie wasn’t getting any attention. He is now.


Well, the WaPo is right on target when it comes to single-payer health insurance. After all, no industrialized nation has ever managed to implement such a system, so no one could possibly have any idea about how to do it. Oh, wait…


And it continues, this time with Bill, as this piece from Media Matter explains.



Stop making sense…The Wash Post is not going to win this battle.

So you just magically transition from point a to point b? The point is he isn’t giving a real assessment on how we would get to where he saying he wants to go.


What the NYT, The WAPO, or the WSJ editorial pages or their reporters say about the candidates, however scurrilous or panegyrical, is not nearly as important to me as how the campaigns respond. And so far, the Sanders campaign response appears to be truculence delivered in the hope it will be mistaken for counter argument.


At this stage of the campaign, I wouldn’t really expect a fully fleshed-out plan, one that would probably run to thousands of pages. The bottom line is that it’s been done before, in other places. We need to decide that we want to get to point b, then start working out how to do it. I see nothing wrong with a candidate saying, “We need single-payer. Other countries have it, and it works very well. Our own Medicare system is a good start.” No need to get bogged down in the details at this stage. And let’s face it, unless the Dem’s take Congress, a Pres. Sanders couldn’t make it happen, anyway.

When JFK said we were going to send a man to the moon, he didn’t produce diagrams of the LEM.


No surprise there… NY Time’s Clintons hate is well documented. The one mentioned in Media Matters is perfectly in line with their typical Clinton coverage.


Well the old gray lady has had a hair up their ass for the Clintons since Bill was president,


Said Bernie in the last debate: “We will raise taxes, yes we will.”

Said the GOP ad makers everywhere: “Thank you, Bernie!”


True enough, but the moon speech was delivered on Sep. 12, 1962, a year and a half after he was elected.



I thought that the washington post opened berns up for an excellent silique to advance his agenda…sadly, his “no I’m not, but you are too” defense came up short!

Good opening paragraph…when are you going to finish it with providing the actual details that the WaPo and others are asking about? Not the end vision, but the implementation plan as to how we get there, what it costs, what will be needed?


And Hillary Clinton’s ideas??? Oh, right. She will protect us from Republicans the way Cruz will protect us from Isis. Sorry, I don’t see that as a liberal agenda. Hillary Clinton does not have a liberal agenda. We will be asked to accept the least toxic of Republican policies, because "that’s what is possible.’ This is what the Democratic Party aspires to? Sorry, that has no appeal for me. Rest assured that as long as Republicans and conservative Democrats control the Senate there will not be Supreme Court nominations that could in any way be classified as liberal. Go read this because it is true: