Discussion: War Hero, Olympian Zamperini Dies At 97

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They don’t make 'em like that any more. RIP.

Fly again with your new wings. God Speed.

The book was great, and gave me so much respect for this man.

Today’s Americans would do well to ask themselves where America got such men as these when the whole world stood in the shadow of unspeakable evil.
Men and women such as these saved the world, and passed it down to us. We shall not see their like again.
And yet, we are losing hundreds of them every day, and there is no sense of urgency nor peril in today’s self-centered, self-driven world we have made, mostly of thoughtless vanities.
If their generation means anything to you, as it does to me, find any one of them. The quiet ones who will never call themselves heroes, and thank them with all your hearts for all the gifts which so many take so much for granted today. Gifts which they bought and paid for, and for which they never asked anything in return, except that we remember.

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