Discussion: Walker Faces Opposition From GOP Legislature Over 2015 Agenda

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Wisconsin deserves this nitwit and pals. Like Kansas. Why care about states which commit economic suicide?


I believe the article mis-states what state right to work laws do. Under federal law (the Taft Hartley Act), no one is required to join a union. But since unions are required to represent all the workers in a bargaining unit - whether or not they belong to the union - unions are permitted under federal law to charge non-members a fee for the services provided. So, for example, when a union negotiates a pay raise, that pay raise must go to all the workers in that bargaining unit, including those who decided not to join the union. Similarly, the union must represent any worker in a grievance dispute, whether or not that worker has joined the union and is paying dues. What state right to work laws do (as authorized under federal law) is to allow states to continue to require the union to represent everyone, but to not allow the union to charge a fee to those who get the benefit of the representation, without joining the union.


The whole point of this, as stated by now Congressman Glen Grothman four years ago, is to depress wages.


“…Walker wants to cut both property and income taxes…”

Just not for the middle class, because…

“…He also needs to address a looming $2.2 billion budget shortfall…”

The Republican regulatory obsession with pregnancies makes sense now. Their economic plan is nonsense.


Just a little state-level preview of what to expect if the GOP manages to get control of everything in DC in 2016.

We’re already getting a glimpse with Mitch McConnell’s announcement that the very top priority for a new GOP Senate majority this year is passage of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Only question is, if they somehow managed to overcome a Presidential veto, would the current economics of producing oil from tar sands make the project non-viable while oil prices continue to fall worldwide?


I believe this article is mistaken in stating that several neighboring states have “right to work” laws in place. In fact there are no states bordering Wisconsin that have such laws.


Since workers and the Democrats turned their backs on labor in the 1980s, we’ve nothing but falling wages, more hours working, and CEO salaries flying through the stratosphere. I’ll never understand why workers so foolishly let the unions die, it is our greatest mistake. We’ve been rewarded with more work and less money. Well done.


Indiana has a right-to-work law - purportedly, it was to bring business to the state, which has not happened. Even with Mitch Daniels & Mike Pence as gov. The Indiana Rethuglican State Senate has had introduced two bills by one wing nut, Scott Schneider, a) to allow businesses with religious convictions the ability to refuse service to those with whom it disagrees to wit: LGBT community, or blacks, or Latinos, or mugwumps or Know-nothings, etc. and b) to allow adoption agencies the right to refuse gay couples to adopt - - - immediately on the heels of a dead infant being found abandoned to die in the streets. Too bad my senate district doesn’t “schneid” Mr. Schneider . . . just as Wisconsin had a chance. But then, Wisconsin produced Ron Johnson & Tailgunner Joe, and Indiana produced Wm. Jenner & Homer Capehart!

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Because it’s fun to watch people slowly asphyxiate themselves economically. I’ll never understand why any worker would ever vote for a Republican.


Very easy in fact: you tell them “One day, you won’t be a worker anymore, one day you will be us.”. Works all the time.

,and about as likely to happen as winning the lottery…


We do and we do because real life examples of what happens when the GOP converts their theories to reality are
the best possible evidence of the fact that they are pipe dreams. The GOP wants to force the Congressional Budget Office to use “dynamic scoring” in measuring whether pending legislation will increase or decrease revenues and deficits. Doing so would require that the CBO start inserting “fudge factors” based on GOP assertions that when you cut taxes, the economy grows. This is also known as the Laffer Curve and Kansas is now the best test tube example of how well it is working. Now the courts are telling Kansas they aren’t even meeting their own Constitutional requirements for school funding even as the state faces a massive and growing deficit.

Many bemoaned the fact that Sam Brownback somehow managed to win re-election in Kansas, but rejoice progressives. Sam now has to find some way to get out of the VERY big hole is VERY own policies have created. Oh the delicious irony of it all.


Please describe this proposed legislation accurately: “right-to-work-for-less” – people need to understand the insanity of further weakening unions.


Umm … I live in Madison, vote, campaign and advocate for Dems and Dem causes.

No, I do not deserve this asshole and the hateful t-bagging legislature.


Walker wants to cut both property and income taxes… He also needs to
address a looming $2.2 billion budget shortfall

Toto, I have a feeling we are still in effing Kansas.

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Michigan does, thanks to Snyder and the GOP there.