Discussion: Vulnerable Sen. Heller Begged Trump Not To Shut Down Gov Before Midterms


Praise the Emperor!
All praise the Emperor!

Oh great and mighty Emperor, please don’t encourage my peasantry to revolt. As your humble servant, I beg of your wisdom and mercy!


“Heller lavished praise on the President before making his request”

This was just embarrassing to read. Haven’t the R’s learned yet that kissing Dump’s bloated keister will get them absolutely nothing but humiliation? He’s a black hole of degradation and Heller blithely flung himself across the event horizon.


Pleading Heller implies he couldn’t care less about the damage resulting from any government shutdown following the midterms because it would be to the country, not to him and the GOP.


Further proof that there is no separating the Republican’t Party from Trump. They are one in the same. Any claims of independence or of some members being mavericks has always been a Pavlovian-inspired media creation design to counteract charges of being Liberal or biased…


“Don Donald: I will now abase myself, hoping you will see elementary political realities, and my abasement in turn will elicit your uncontrolled dominance-ritual contempt and disregard. Because I’m stupid and weak.”


Excellent point absurdum

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Begging doesn’t always do the trick with Trump, Heller, but a good hummer might! And you’ve got the experience, considering how many you’ve given to Sheldon Adelson and the rest of the Republican rich donors in Nevada. You could probably get a job at the Mustang Ranch by now.


Jeez, it’s almost Shakespearean: “I have not come just to praise Caesar, but to blow him!”


At least Heller figured out the only real “base” of support for Trumpublicans is Trump himself. Most of America is better than the 20% who slavishly believe every tweet of the Twit. Neither Trump’s support nor his fortune are growing. On the contrary.

But since the Republicans have welded themselves to Trump’s backside, they are going down along with him and his merry band or house elves. And they know it. We are, I believe, in that happy stage where the consequences of being thuggish are piling up, on every single front.

If I’m wrong, I will apologize to the shades of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt.

…and McConnell threatens to take away the August recess to harm the campaigns…Good lord. Who’s up next??? ‘We’ll see…’

“Sir, the peasants are revolting!”

“You said it. They stink on ice.”


Don`t panic Dean , just Dump-Dumps having his usual tantrum .

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Donald Trump gets the most joy out of kicking dogs that are already whimpering. “Begging” for a favor from Trump is probably anti-correlated with actually getting that policy result. He’s just going to grind your nose deeper into the carpet. He gets off on it. Everybody knows this.

Heller, you are A Idiot.


Hate this dude. Absolutely hate him. Such a douche.

Otherwise, I’m fairly indifferent to his political fate.

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Heller should be begging. Rosen is a relative unknown that is just starting to get her name out across the state, and she is already either tied or slightly leading Heller…with a hell of a lot of undecideds still floating around.

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Heller lavished praise on the President before making his request, reminding him that vulnerable Republicans have a lot to lose from a shutdown. Trump was noncommittal.

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well he is a Trump voter.