Discussion: VIDEO: Ex-Navy Seal Pretends To 'Choke Out' Obama In Bizarre Interview

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This is precisely why the Seal’s vow of silence policy is good policy.


If that dummy was Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Rupert Murdoch, instead of our President, this guy would be a REAL patriot. If not for their propaganda, these buffoons wouldn’t know who to blame for their own ignorance and prejudice.

Maybe these guys should be 21st Century American cops? They seem to fit the mold of the types being hired for those duties these days…


I see that some alcohol was involved…duh

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I recognize the SEAL status in being elite troops- top of the curve in physical and mental toughness; specialized training and a cultivated aggressiveness necessary for operations with little or no support.

But my understanding is that in a straight up fight SEALS do not necessarily perform any better than the average combat Soldier or Marine. And, more and more, you read about these guys becoming little better than mercenaries; capitalizing on their talent for violence- Q.E.D. Blackwater /Xe /whatever.

When a highly trained combat specialist; trained sniper and proven killer starts making videos about torturing and assaulting the president, exactly what is the prudent response?


“So we’ve got like nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol on board….” I think there are a few more substances on board as well.


Lock these guys up in a mental hospital.


the man clearly has some issues; i certainly hope his gun license has been revoked.


You have to be a little fucked up to even get into the program. The screening gets rid of the guys that hesitate when you ask them if they could shoot a little girl as collateral damage. You are bound to end up with a few psychopaths who get even more warped by what they see and do.


Somehow i’m not surprised that he’s vanished. He didn’t last long as a SEAL and I have to wonder why. The military is very good at pushing people out who don’t fit-in. He had drug charges that predated his SEAL service—I have to wonder how well he was vetted when he enlisted. He didn’t last that long with Blackwater either. Then he went bankrupt. He apparently was due to be ontrial for charges related to his probably fake “shooting” this week: http://www.clevescene.com/cleveland/who-shot-chris-heben-the-strange-tale-of-a-former-navy-seal-and-the-suburban-shopping-plaza-shooting-that-never-happened/Content?oid=4412715&storyPage=4


Hinted at in the article, police proved ‘Wingnut Rambo’ Heben to be a liar when he claimed last March that three (of course) black men shot him over a parking lot bit of silliness…and, like the super hero he seems to believe he is, he still chased and tried to apprehend them and then drove himself to the ER. It was all a load of bull. From: NewsNew5 Medina, Ohio:

[Police Chief Mike McNeely, who back in April expressed astonishment that someone
could “serve their country and be treated like this at home,” now says that Heben is a lying:
“We have overwhelming evidence based upon video, cell
phone records and interviews that the shooting did not occur in the West
Market Plaza and that Mr. Heben made false allegations to us” […]
McNeely acknowledged Heben suffered a gunshot wound and a brass
projectile was removed from his abdomen, but officers said the
investigation made it clear the shooting did not happen in the parking
The chief would not speculate as to why Heben would make up an
elaborate story. He also isn’t sure where the shooting happened or how.
“That’s only something he can answer,” McNeely said.]

He’s quite a piece of work. In the tradition of Susan Smith, Charles Stewart, …etc. And his ordeal sounds more like a Hillbilly Heroin deal gone wrong, or an idiot tucking his gun into his waistband. The only shocking part is that he didn’t try to blame Obama.
“I’ll take “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!” for $2000 Alex.”

OH…and he touts himself as a “Motivational Speaker” (for a high price) and that lot is like a gaggle of snake oil salesmen …without the snake oil. BUT___none of any of this will diminish his appeal as an occasional FOX News commentator and expert.


If that’s what you think SEAL’s are then you have been conditioned better than they have. The thing that makes special force units like the SEAL’s unique is their missions…not them. The VAST majority of combat is not performed by SEALs or other special forces. The average grunt is going to see more heat in his first weekend “in country” than a SEAL is going to see on a year long deployment.

If you took SEAL’s and Snipers ( and other popular icons ) out of the equation the setback to American combat troops would be very small. Ask any 11B out there about these special mission guys. They are glad they have them but they can shoot move and communicate without them.

The idiot has only achieved one thing. He’s tarnished the reputation of the SEAL’s. Who is going to believe those guys are the immortals they are portrayed to be after seeing them behave like this? He’s a redneck that’s going to live his next 50 years in the past with his best buddies, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. You’ll soon find him in a VFW …at 10 AM half drunk telling the same old bullshit war stories.


He’s selling SEAL oil. I think that stuff is FOX aphrodisiac.


haven’t standards been lowered… they certainly were for regular enlistees. one thing i think needs to be addressed is the steroid use among all these types. and seriously, what is with this muscled up goon look. it was interesting to compare the photos of the cops in belgium/france vs u.s. robocops.

Proving it’s possible to be both tough and dumb.


holy moly… that facebook post of his about being shot is hilarious in the detail. this guy should be writing b-movie scripts…


Ah, a future Secret Service agent.

I think there are a number of them running through his near-empty head …and they’re on auto-play.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this is something I have seen first hand.

Not being a REMF there is no question that there are differences among soldiers in abilities. This is nothing to be ashamed of- the skillsets of a pilot are different than those of a Cavalry Scout, but they both fulfill an important part of the mission. The fact is military service is heavily divided by ability- Ranger School; Green Berets; Force Recon; SEALS; Para Rescue; Rescue Swimmer; etc.

That said I somewhat agree with your position, insofar as SEAL performance in actual combat is not measurably superior to the average combat Soldier.

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In an “Exclusive Interview” with Wing Nut Daily, Heben blamed “the attack” on him back in March on Al-Qaida, not three black men. And it was all Joe Biden’s fault.

Sounds like the making of a Clint Eastwood movie.