Discussion: Vatican: Pope Francis Will Visit Cuba En Route To US In September

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He’s heard about their artisanal cigar manufacturing facilities, where the leaves are first infused with the purest over proof domestic rums and then handrolled down the inner thighs of government-inspected officially-declared virgins.

In a less nuts world, you’d think at least one if not both of the presidential candidates of one of the only two ruling American political parties who claims a mere one generation’s separation from Cuban nationality would get on a plane or even a speedboat, and travel the couple of hours at most down to Havana to do a great and meet photo op with the symbolic leader of Christianity and the actual supreme human authority of their sect each of them actually belongs to, WOULDN’T you?

But no: because it’s too COMMIE RADICAL there, and this Pope - this Pope who’s working actively to get the Vatican out of the clutches of the Italian mafia and out fo the loan shark bidness and free from the horrors of child molestation as a fringe benefit of priesthood - this Pope according to those two mooks is somehow too much of a LIBTARD and acting way too commie pinko all ecumenical for them to risk the wrath fo their base support.

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I still wouldn’t want to be his food taster.

… which implies you’d be open to being a food taster for SOME one, right?

See, I doubt that.

BFD (I got a message here that I needed to be a little more expressive, but I don’t think so do you?)

Bienvenido a Cuba
from the series, “See See Havana”,

Christina Hendricks’ name leaps to mind.

Nom, nom, nom.