Discussion: Utah Will Assign Law Enforcement Officers To Help Syrian Refugees Adjust

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This is ®efreshing!


I take the Governor at his word that the goal is to help in the assimilation process. Building a sense of community is a core value for many folks in Utah and I believe it stems from their Mormon faith. Also, sending missionaries out all over the world gives them experience with many different cultures.

A lot of fun is made of Mormons on this site and there is much to criticize about the Mormon church (gay rights anyone?), but at a person-to-person level they can be incredibly welcoming and thoughtful. When my cousin’s husband was diagnosed with cancer, their neighbors immediately created a schedule to ensure dinner was provided to her family for months. They were not Mormons but they were part of the greater community. One anecdote, to be sure, but I don’t think it was an isolated incident.


Obviously Donald Trump must destroy Governor Herbert.

NOTHING is MORE Welcoming THAN THE police SHOWING up AT YOUR DOOR. BRAVO GOv. HERBERt!11!1!!!one!!1111!!!


“My concern would be more after they are here, and being able to help if they are part of a vulnerable community that might be influenced, for whatever reason, if they are not assimilated to be involved in criminal or terrorist activity,”

Teatroll Rosetta Stone:

“Help them adjust” = “Keep an eye on them and pretend it’s not surveillance”

Note that he didn’t say “vulnerable community” and then engage in talk about what they may need protection from (i.e., white Christian bigots harassing them, threatening them, setting their house on fire, etc. etc. etc.). Oh no…no no no…he said “vulnerable community” and then engaged in talk about why that means we might need protection from them.



But according to Abbott and Pence and Carnival and Big Door, all those Syrians are really ISIS and are stealth terrorists

Unless it’s just incredibly unsubtle surveillance.

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The LAST place where people can adjust to what the country is like would be a state where 58% of its inhabitants believe a religion nuttier than the inside of a squirrel’s cheeks.

Precisely. Nothing says relax, you’re safe now like a visit from the JackbootHomoHaterIslamophobiKlan Welcome Committee. I’m thinking that Utah wouldn’t be the informed choice of destination for most Syrians, since they aren’t known for their patronage of ski slopes or online porn.


Agreed; however, the refugees (likely Muslims) already believe in a fairly nutty religion.

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True but being surrounded by an even kookier one cannot be good.

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While Utah would not be my first choice … or second … or third … or …, I think this may very well be sincere. The one thing that is sorely missing in today’s U.S.A. is a sense of oneness between law enforcement and the communities they police. If handled properly, this could be the welcoming these poor folks need – a couple or more personable contacts in law enforcement to contact when/if the need(s) arise. When you get to meet someone face to face and know their first names, a little something about them, it’s way tougher to treat them badly … intentionally or not. Just a thought.


I would love to expect the best from the law enforcement community in Utah–and elsewhere–but that willingness has been beaten down into submission by the endless cases of police misconduct and brutality we see week after week. Cops have to prove their virtue to me on a case by case basis. I no longer give cops the benefit of a doubt.


It is sad, but I agree.


Well, you know, they’re coming from a war zone, so a man with a gun showing up at their door’s gonna make feel like they’re right back at home!

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I tried to repress my cynicism but I think Sniffit got this one right.

Questions to ask the Gov:

  1. Exactly what special training will these assigned law enforcement officers be given, how will they be chosen? There are plenty of agencies and organizations that are already set up to help refugees. Seems like this is a job better suited for social workers, not guys with guns.

  2. Will these services be extended to other newcomers / immigrants / refugees, or just the ones from Syria? How about those from Honduras? Or Pakistan, or Canada?

I will grant you the possibility that the Governor is trying to get out ahead of any groups or individuals who might think they need to deal with refugees themselves - whether that’s “monitoring”, threatening, or defending.

The Governor is perpetuating a con. There are infinite numbers of charities in any given state to help refugees resettle. They don’t just get turned loose at the airport. Catholic Social Services to name but one. @Sniffit 's teatroll rosetta stone was exactly right.

Just as likely as the surveillance is a fear that these poor refugees will be targeted by Utah’s domestic radical fundamentalists, and the better to help them feel secure and connected is to link them up with law enforcement early on. Which is sad.

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