Discussion: Utah Delegate Says Trump Supporters Threatened Her Life In RNC Bathroom

Anyone shocked?


Yeah…me neither.


“Who did this to you?”

“A mad man, your honor! A twisted fool at the end of his pitiful rope!”

“Kera Birkeland told the Salt Lake Tribune that two other women cornered her and made death threats in a bathroom.”

What did she do, try to pee standing up?



Fuck this shit…Stephen Colbert reverted to old Stephen Colbert and is doing “The Word”. Tonights word “Trumpiness.” Thank gawd for late night comics. Even Trevor Noah had a good show tonight on this convention. So much better than watching the convention itself.

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Just like the N.D.A.S.P. in the 30’s-- in Germany.

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America just got a little bit greater.

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Uh oh! A meetin’ in the ladies room!

This is great stuff. And it’s two women doing the threatening. And there’s open carry outside on the streets. 'Cause the Gov told the cops, ‘you’re own your own’. Can’t remember this much entertainment value on any one night in recent memory.

Reminds me of a time trying to sneak out of the local bar on a Sunday afternoon because I didn’t want to get shit faced again, and in walks my friends, still drunk from last night, and they’re all wearing sombreros. I was at their mercy. And they showed none.

Family. Fucking. Values.

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Been saying that for years now.

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Actually I am. And considering the insanity of Trump, the horror show of the first night (terror), that is saying something.

Something really bad is happening, and I say that using Cheney as a reference.

What is wrong with these people? Maybe we should send them all to a real war zone for a bit so they can regain a sense of reality and develop some perspective.

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What happened to Bohannon on Saturday night - Hell on Wheels - rolling around on the floor?

Hope this convention doesn’t have the “Bohannon Effect”.

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I was going to ask: did you have a speaking slot tonight, the “Hillary killed and ate my baby” night of the convention? Did you enjoy all the “facts” from tonight’s show?

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Well, I’ve been in some public restrooms where I felt like issuing death threats to the guy next to me.

Maybe it was something Ms. Birkeland ate.


They had me slotted for tomorrow afternoon but the kids might still be watching TV. They didn’t like the idea of my Hillary blow up doll prop. Told them it was better than an empty chair but NOO, family values and all that. Donald found out about my prop, and now he wants to … you know, during his prime time speech. Said something about needing to “bring the house down!”

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“Maybe we should send them all to a real war zone for a bit so they can regain a sense of reality and develop some perspective.”

Or send in a squad of Bernie Bros to restore law and order.

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Probably for taking a wide stance.

Brownshirts anyone? What’s next, a Reichstag (oops, I mean a Capitol) fire? Kristallnacht? At every step this gets more and more ominous. Trump and his storm troopers need to be stopped.