Discussion: US Tried to Infiltrate Cuban Hip Hop to Overthrow Regime - with Predictable Results

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Well, if anyone was itching to use the “I’m sorry, but is this an Onion article?” meme today, now’s your chance.


Los Hermanos Castro: making the American government look foolish since 1959.



What is a USAID operative?

I know a ton of USAID contractors and heard about this contract before it was awarded. This always seemed like it was totally out of place with the type of work AID does. Like this was a badly disguised CIA operation the whole time.

It’s just weird.

Dos chicos salvajes y locos,
Dve divlje i lude momci…

Totally. Not only out of place, but something that could jeopardize their work all over the globe.

If this was early 2009, it was funded during the Bush admin. A parting gift for some friend of a friend of Bush/Cheney.

Or maybe there is some Cold War artifact giving USAID the role of promoting democracy in Cuba as a cover for CIA activity there.

After some Googling, it appears that Creative Assoc. has been a USAID contractor for some years, working on typical, non-covert USAID projects.

They also hired Caleb McCarry in early 2009. He had previously been hired by the Bush admin. to seerve as “Cuba Transition Coordinator”. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/U.S.+names+“transition+coordinator.”.-a0137350845

McCarry’s father was in the CIA, and the Cuban government views him, the Bush administration position, and Creative Associates all as being part of hostile efforts against the government. Here’s the Cuban take on McCarry’s move to Creative Associates: http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=405x12209

It is long, long past time to leave Cuba alone. They aren’t hosting Russian missles anymore and they don’t seem interested in bombing embassies or airliners. Plus, our aging population will need to import their doctors or go on “medical tours” to the island.

The only positive outcome from our decades of trying to isolate Cuba and overthrow its government is that the island hasn’t become an overdeveloped mess of vacation condos and 4th-home villas.

Totally. Not only out of place, but something that could jeopardize their work all over the globe.

Obviously neither one of you knows a whole lot about USAID. USAID has been a CIA front since its inception back in the Kennedy Administration.

USAID targets socialist countries and/or socialist movements in the countries that it operates in and tries to overthrow a socialist government or assists the fascist governments with “aid” that are, in effect, kickbacks to the fascist leaders for their “retirement funds.” The fascist governments, normally military dictatorships with graduates of the US School of the Americas as the power-brokers, then “disappear” (“desaparecidos”) the socialists, never to be heard from again.

The bullshit that appears in the US press about Venezuela, for example, is all orchestrated by operatives of the USAID. Of course, the fact that Venezuela has the worlds largest proven oil reserves has nothing to do with it, right? Or the fact that Brazil, that also has a socialist government, is regularly targeted by USAID. This, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Brazil has the world’s largest proven natural gas reserves and may soon surpass Venezuela with the worlds largest proven oil reserves. Or that USAID has been caught red-handed by Evo Morales’ government, a socialist government, trying to finance a flat-out mercenary army to overthrow the government of Bolivia. Of course, the fact that Bolivia is one of only two places in the world that has any economically viable reserves of the Lithium, the material that the batteries for virtually all electronic equipment in the world use, has nothing to do with anything about destabilizing democratically elected governments by USAID, right?

“USAID’s secret Cuban hip-hop project sought to spread democracy…”

I wish that TPM would actually edit some of these right-wing stories put out in the AP. The AP’s international division has become a virtual arm of the CIA. The above quotation from the story is a classic example. USAID was NOT trying to “spread democracy.” USAID WAS trying to spread free-market capitalism. That has been USAID’s core function since it was set up.

TPM should know that just because a country’s economic system is socialist, does not equate to being undemocratic. Every other socialist country in Latin America (excepting Cuba) has a democratically elected government. Venezuela, the country vilified in the US media for its most recent elections, had the most open and accurate system of voting, with a very large contingent of other parties, some of whom promoted free-market capitalism AND strong-man insurrection if they didn’t win. USAID funded the most vocal opponent of the government, Henrique Capriles Radonski. Capriles, a member of the junta that tried to overthrow Hugo Chavez, and was thwarted by the rank and file of the military, rebelling against the generals in the Army, with the aim of installing a Capriles as dictator and re-imposing the free-market capitalism that was and is rejected by an overwhelming majority of Venezuelans. USAID funded that abortive attempt at underwriting a dictatorial, unelected strong-man.

Neither one of you, nor TPM’s editorial staff, knows much at all about USAID. If you did, you would know that this asinine attempt at a coup was very much in character for USAID.

There is nothing unusual about Creative Associates. No doubt they hired a guy who they thought would help them win this kind of contract no matter how cockamamie it sounded at the time. The people who run these firms are not do-gooders. They will do anything for money.