Discussion: US To Meet Target Of Admitting 10,000 Syrian Refugees Today

News and Trump twit fodder for the next few days.

Congratulations, America, on finally admitting 40% of what Canada, a nation one tenth your population, already admitted by January.

You must be so proud.

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Oh yeah, well congratulations on spending only 60% per-capita of what we do on healthcare! You must be so…hmm…well…hmm. I’m going to go out and come in again.

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What a two-bit irresponsible jackass. He’s only displaced millions with his invasion of the NE / ME, and destruction of Syria along with Yemen, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Iraq (he’s responsible for the mess as well as dubya at this point). So this is his contribution to offset Obama’s Crimes Against Humanity - offer haven to a mere 10K of his refugees. And, these are Obama’s and dubya’s refugees. They created the mess that they are fleeing for their lives. Sickening so-called president, a piece of shit coward and liar, at best.