Discussion: US To Keep 9,800 Troops In Afghanistan At Year-End

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I wish our President very well as he faces these difficult decisions that only he can confront.


Teach them to fish for themselves, sell 'em some fishing poles and leave them to it {an old plan but not a bad one}. But lets face it, when all is done – the women of Afghanistan are going to get the worst of it (relegated to hashtag sympathy) because of mistakes made in the beginning – not the end.

but …but…drawdown.

It would be lovely—though physically impossible—to get all the troops out of Afghanistan ASAP.

What Obama plans won’t satisfy conservatives—who want all-out war with no end in sight—or the lefty anti-war at any cost group.

What his plans do, however, is make it certain that US forces won’t be there past the end of his term in office, which is the best outcome we can get given the current political and military situation there—and here.


Still too many imo, but what do I know?

I’m interested to see the Republican response to this new schedule given the clear indication that the White House has adopted the recommendations provided by military staff.

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I would say 10,000 or so it about right for what we are going to be doing there. Of course that doesn’t count the additiional Special Force, Special Operations or Other-Governmental Agencies(CIA, DEA, etc…) that will have some level of forces there for the next few years.

So even the residual force has a date certain for withdrawal?

Good. I was hoping we wouldn’t end up with an open-ended commitment.

Is this random vocabulary word day?

My turn:

But but but…reticulated.

I gotta complain about the headline.

The US is not going to “keep” 9800 troops in Afghanistan. We’re going to withdraw them, with an announced date for their exit.

The US kept troops in Europe after World War II. We kept troops in Korea after the Korean War. George H.W. Bush kept troops in Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War. George Bush intended to keep troops in Iraq after the Iraq War, building permanent bases for them.

For years, there has been a discussion of whether Obama would keep a residual force in Afghanistan, and it has always been discussed in terms of an open-ended commitment. The way the headline is phrased is going to read as meaning, well, meaning the same thing that “the US kept troops in Germany” means.