Discussion: US Sent Latin Youth Undercover In Anti-Cuba Ploy

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Nothing wrong here they claim to want their country back so they should help

Interesting I was thinking about our boycott of Cuba and whats going on in Gaza.

For crying out loud America, abandon the Cuban boycott already.! It hasn’t worked and never will. And quit trying to punish and bully other South American countries for helping Cuba. We don’t have the right to dictate policy to the rest of world.

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This is a fishy story rife with the quasi-factual decaying odors of GOP advance work intent on, what else, smearing.
For example, the “paltry, 30-minute seminar” allowed the young people to “communicate in code”, taught the ‘hows’ of planting “innocent-looking content on their laptops”, how to use “encrypted memory sticks to hide their files” and the transmission of “encrypted emails”…That sounds like one info-packed 30-minute seminar to me in a typical DC hit story.

Does TPM ever do independent follow up or do you just take what you find on the news aggregators? This story sounds more like the plot of a bad made for TV movie than a real operation.