Discussion: US Sen. Roberts' 'Frozen' Ringtone Creates Hearing Hysterics

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But but but…I thought it was the official GOP position that Frozen was teaching kids to do the gay?

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I’ve never watched a Senator move that fast as Roberts, knowing how sexually ambiguous his ringtone must have sounded, rocketed to shut the cell off and any controversy surrounding his teen jingle. (It’s the ‘Frozen’ panties he has to worry about, FYI)

Not everything should make the news. This is definitely one those those that shouldn’t.


It’s not a big deal, but the sad thing is this will cause some chuckleheads to vote to re-elect this guy as he seems so “relatable.” You know, like some figured George W. Bush was the kind of guy they could have a beer with, unlike that stiff Al Gore.

On the contrary. It’s just another example of what a sorry collection of dumbasses comprise today’s GOP.

Destroying the country never bothered me anyway.