Discussion: US Citizen Born In Refugee Camp Sues To Be Able To Marry

So is this the way to ensure that only the right people get married? Someone should ask the nice state Rep. Valarie Hodges if sham marriages include her party’s presidential nominee.
And please for God’s sake fix this before Kris Kobach decides to twist this into some new form of voter suppression.


In the meantime, he and his bride should just take a drive to Mississippi and wed. Evidently, they are less retarded there. How’s that for irony?

Hodges said in a statement last week that marriage fraud “was and still is a problem,” citing a recent string of arrests in Mississippi of people accused of plotting to obtain citizenship through sham marriages.

Vo … became a U.S. citizen when he was 8 years old… his U.S.-born fiancee, Heather Pham

Goddamn but Republicans are hateful and stupid people. They already had judicial oversight for the exemptions. Is it Hodges’ position that the judges were in on the shams?

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