Discussion: US Aircraft Strike Militants In Iraq

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This fucking shit will never end.

Many thanks to Dick & Dubya for bullshitting us into this mess.


Wow. We got an artillery piece.

That was certainly worth the VERY LARGE TYPE THIS IS IMPORTANT SUPER BOLD ANNOUNCEMENT on the front page, Josh.


Iraq = Hornets Nest.


SurPRIsingly the FAKE prESident BALAck INSANe NOBAma zerOTWOTerms is BOMbing hIS corELIGIONists IN IrAq. WHY did NOBAma GEt us INto THIS mess IN THE firsT Place??? SHAME!!!1!!!1!!!one!!!1!1!


I know, right?

YOU TELL 'EM, EUSTACE!!!1!11!!ONE11!!1ELEVEN!!1!!!


And on cue, Senator Lindsey McWar has criticized POTUS Obama:

“The President is right to provide humanitarian relief to the Iraqi civilians stranded on Mount Sinjar and to authorize military strikes against ISIS forces that are threatening them, our Kurdish allies, and our own personnel in northern Iraq. However, these actions are far from sufficient to meet the growing threat that ISIS poses. We need a strategic approach, not just a humanitarian one.

“A policy of containment will not work against ISIS. It is inherently expansionist and must be stopped. The longer we wait to act, the worse this threat will become, as recent events clearly show.

“We need to get beyond a policy of half measures. The President needs to devise a comprehensive strategy to degrade ISIS. This should include the provision of military and other assistance to our Kurdish, Iraqi, and Syrian partners who are fighting ISIS. It should include U.S. air strikes against ISIS leaders, forces, and positions both in Iraq and Syria. It should include support to Sunni Iraqis who seek to resist ISIS. And none of this should be contingent on the formation of a new government in Baghdad.

“If ever there were a time to reevaluate our disastrous policy in the Middle East, this is it. Because of the President’s hands-off approach, the threats in the region have grown and now directly threaten the United States. We are already paying a very heavy price for our inaction, and if we do not change course, the costs of our inaction will only grow.”



Oh Eustace! Welcome back!

**Your flame still glitters and glimmers bright
The smell and glow of flatulence set alight! **


Here’s Joe Biden on Meet The Press in 2007 on Iraq’s WMD, “Well, the point is, it turned out they didn’t, but everyone in the world thought he had them. The weapons inspectors said he had them. He cataloged — they cataloged them. This was not some, some Cheney, you know, pipe dream. This was, in fact, cataloged.”


The president should make Lindsey vonFaintingcouch Supreme Ultra Maximum Grand General of the Middle Eastern Viceroyalty and tell her s/he can carry out her war of conquest-slash-war of muslim-smashing.

However, s/he must draft, and only exclusively from Teabag states, to create her Grand Army of the Imperium.


Looks like Gramps’ McCain musing over Dubya’s illegal and unnecessary Iraqi catastrophe becoming a new “100 Year War” might just be coming to fruition.

Cutting off a questioner who talked about the Bush administration’s willingness to keep troops in Iraq for 50 years, John McCain said "Make it a hundred."


Okay, OT, but a byline from New Delhi? Really? That’s the closest AP will pay to get its reporters to an important story? Why the hell not just phone it in from Omaha?


But But…NPR told me this morning they saw McCain and Lindsay Graham doing the happy dance down the capital steps .
Ohboyohboy-oboy…they shouted, airstrikes are music too our ears.
We sure hope they use up some of those 100K Hellfire missiles . Our defense contractor buddies ain’t been feeling the love since Obama stopped fighting in Iraq


Eustace. I admire your choice of “coreligionist”, but the use of such a word doesn’t really fit your persona. I suggest “islaMO-FasCIst pUNk BudDies” instead

You’re welcome.


#It’s all on Bush


I didn’t realize Joe Biden was the Commander In Chief in 2003. The fact that most Democrats initially supported the war doesn’t absolve G.W. Bush from his inept prosecution of the war.


Yes, Hugh, but this is all on your buddy George W. Bush, and President Dick Cheney. They were wrong, as you are wrong. Put a sock in your excuse hole, and man-up and take responsibility.


Nope, sorry. Quoting a Democrat in a debate about the Iraq War thoroughly washes 8 years of responsibility and oversight off of the hands of everybody involved in the Bush administration and their handling of the war and their policy surrounding the war. I learned this on Facebook.


And that heavy price is the veterans from Iraq who can’t get treatment from the VA.


Strangely enough, threatening Americans is OK if you’re a deadbeat rancher in the Southwest.