Discussion: U.S. Attorney Clears Christie Admin In Hoboken Sandy Aid Probe

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I’m sure this had nothing to do with the fact that Fishman’s staff is comprised of over 50% Christie hires. He may keep quiet in his dealings with the press, but thus far he hasn’t shown any balls.

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Hard to prove a conversation in a parking lot between two people.


Fishman is a very smart and competent attorney, It is not unusual for people of other parties to be on the staff as they are government employees. I am sure the same situation exists in the U S. Attorney General’s office.

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“We don’t have enough to prosecute this” and “It never happened” are not the same thing. Nobody was exonerated.


Thank you. False equivalence. I’m not saying she did what was alleged, but the AG plainly states there was not sufficient evidence – not that Mayor Zimmer was lying. Unfortunately for Zimmer, this came down to a she said/she said.

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Bad call by the US attorney on Kim Guadagno.

It’s hard to prove a conversation between two people if they are the only ones who were involved.

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UNTIL more evidence is brought forth, which very well could happen as the plea bargains gain steam. It’s not over.

Agreed. Without any real evidence, the AG did the right thing here. No jury would convict. Plus, there is always the real possibility it did not happen the way Zimmer is claiming. Unless some corroborating evidence presents itself, it is prudent–correct–to go this route.