Discussion: Two Dead, Four Injured In Shooting At New Mexico Public Library

The gunman surrendered and was taken into custody without incident after police entered the downtown building…

Without reading further, I’m betting the shooter was white…

Surprise he’s black…ha ha ha ha just kidding…pic of white guy in handcuffs being taken out of building.

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Hmmm. Got him one of those fashy haircuts it would appear.

But remember, folks: Moar gunz!!

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Is it me, and I know this is horrible to say, but, is it me or does the woman in the photograph kind of look like a cardboard cutout of a person?

No, I’m not suggesting this was staged nor am not trying to make light of the situation or make a crude comment about the woman’s appearance; I’m really just talking about how my optical nerves are translating that image. It’s weird to me.

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Looks more like a manikin to me.

My son and ex-wife still live in Portales, which is just south of Clovis. I went to college at ENMU. I must admit it’s very weird to see this kind of thing happen. Clovis is a fairly large city for New Mexico, and they’ve always had their fair share of crime, but this kind of thing is just disturbing.

I’m sure the kid felt he had a reason, but still…

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Something to do with both the weird angle that she’s being carried and for some reason her hair/face looks 2D (to my brain). It’s weirding me out a bit. Probably need more coffee.

Certainly struck me as odd they’d carry her that way. My best guess is they had some reason not to mess with a stretcher but to get her in the truck immediately.

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Yes, the photo is odd. It took me a while to try to figure out whose appendages were whose, and why her legs were sticking out at that weird angle. I think there’s an EMT carrying the woman on his/her shoulder and trying to maneuver the victim into the back of the ambulance feet first. Just a guess.

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Yet another troubled young white male. He was “suicidal” based on info in the link you provided. Not disparaging mental health at all but always ( or most always) young white men who go on these rampages get evaluated this way. When will the USA address this before it becomes an issue, any day now, right? Maybe the NRA will fund the research.

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Reports are coming out saying the kid was suicidal, had left church on Sunday due to an anxiety attack.

And yet oddly enough, all these mentally troubled young men have no trouble getting guns, and have no trouble believing that guns will be the solution to their problems. (I sometimes wonder whether I was innoculated against this particular craziness by having air rifles in the house as a kid. Did a lot of target shooting at revelle models, and was completely aware of possible damage.)


It’s not just you. I stared at it for a couple of minutes trying to make sense of it.

Crazy person with a gun! Coming to a place near you soon.

Thank you all so much! I could not figure out what was going on there.

And yet oddly enough, all these mentally troubled young men have no trouble getting guns, and have no trouble believing that guns will be the solution to their problems

There is no documented case of a mentally ill person going metahuman and causing a gun to materialize in his hand. Scientists are at a loss to explain how so many many mentally ill American males end up in possession of both firearms and the desire to shoot other people with them.

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Yeah we turned on the news last night here in Taos and were utterly shocked.