Discussion: Tucker Carlson Shocked By Reaction To Racially Charged Stories On South Africa

*ucker Carlson would be shocked by learning the earth is round.


This guy should just spontaneously combust.

The remaining empty suit could continue the show for a few weeks before anyone noticed.


Tucker Carlson thinks of himself as an original thinker, won’t admit that he plays the “White Grievance Tonight.” for money.

And really why does Tucker always look constipated? Does he need to go on the Trump diet to help him get regular?


Carlson further explained, “I thought everything was out in the open. I thought that with this president we no longer needed the dog whistle? Are we back to that? Didn’t know.”


Unfortunately for Carlson, his six (?) degrees of separation from white supremacists (“I don’t know anything about these groups!”) defense is wearing thin. That’s what happens when you use InfoWars as a source, Fucker.


Either Carlson did know it was racially charged and he’s lying
or he didn’t know it was racially charged and he’s stupid

Could be both


The entire FOXNEWS.com has an odious group of people spreading garbage.

They are just all shameful.

I ‘will’ say however that it is not CARLSON’s fault that Donald J Trump takes his ‘literally’ not ‘figuratively.’


Fox News Channel’s prime-time audience is 91 percent white



““Joseph Stalin loved his daughter. I love my daughters. Does that make me a Stalinist?”

Not that. But there are lots of other things that make you a Stalinist.


This is not an appeal to a racial group,” Carlson said … We don’t mete out justice based on what people look like.”

BS, BS, and more BS. Carlson doesn’t mention the violence against farmers in other African countries subjected to violence and death every day (look in the ACLED database if interested). Instead he concentrates on the 0.3% of mostly white farm fatalities in SA, knowing full well that our mentally-challenged President is hanging on every word.


“It’s confusing to me why it’s considered controversial to say that it’s wrong to mete out group punishment on the basis of ethnicity,” Carlson said. “It doesn’t matter who it’s happening to. It’s just wrong. I don’t know why many of our journalists defend that. It says a lot about them and it’s upsetting.”

Oh, dear me. Please none of you tell poor Tucker about Trump’s Muslim ban or his separation of brown families at the border or his demonization of blacks and brown peoples. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if his face looked even more constipated than usual.


Tucker missed the 100th anniversary of this South African triumph:

From cyberschoolbus.un.org
1913: The Native Lands Act gives 7.3% of the country’s land to Africans, who make up 80% of the population. Africans are prohibited from owning land outside their region. Africans are allowed to be on white land only if they are working for whites.

He still has a chance to celebrate this anniversary:
1920s: Blacks are fired from jobs which are given to whites.
Maybe he can even do some historical reenactments. Who gets to dress up like Lincoln?


Hannity’s hogging all the late-nite phone calls …

He won’t let Tucker listen in —


“I’m shocked that wearing a white hood, carrying a tiki torch and repeating white nationalist memes make people think I’m a racist. I’m not. Here’s proof. My caddy is black and I once said hi to him.”


Corrected headline: “Tucker Carlson claims to be Shocked by Reaction to Racially Charged Stories …”

And the lede, “Clearly pleased at the boost in ratings, Tucker Carlson claimed …”


As debunking after debunking has pointed out, the above average violence against farmers is related entirely to the fact that they live in remote and isolated areas where they are less protected and not to the color of the skin. It can be conflated with their being white because due to a historical injustice, the majority of farmland in SA is owned by white people (the injustice is real, but a solution being considered by the government, of appropriating lands is almost certainly nothing more than election politics and will not pass, does not have a good track record as neighboring Zimbabwe has shown).

Carlson is clearly using statistical correlation to push the white grievance narrative which is pretty much all the Republican Party has been reduced to.


Awww poor snowflake.


Joseph Stalin loved his daughter. I love my daughters. Does that make me a Stalinist?

Not at all. It merely signifies little girls with a father fond of really stupid analogies.


Herr Goebbels is shocked, shocked, that his remarks about Jews could lead to anyone thinking he disliked Jews.

Do We see a similarity of expression here?