Discussion: Trump's Immigration Policies Are Getting Trashed By Federal Courts

So odd that federal judges, even Republican ones, don’t like it when the government enacts Nazi-like policies.


But the GOP will continue to stack the courts with folks that will cotton to everything they could ever want. The GOP will eventually find a sympathetic judge. Or install one to fit.



Who will rid me of these meddlesome judges


Apparently Orange Hilter’s frantic attempt to install the Fourth Reich prior to Nov. 6th is hitting a few snags. The free press is eviscerating him, the legal system is throwing up road blocks right and left, and FOX and Friends is becoming a touch unfriendly. Geez.

What’s a POS wannabe dictator supposed to do? No wonder he looked so beaten down around his hero/owner Putin. Racism and sexism were easy peasy in the USA, but the dictatorship thing is a bear! Poor little piece of crap. Time for a Twitter fit…


“No Republicans have cosponsored the bill, inidcating [sic] it has no chance of passing the GOP-controlled House or Senate.”

Republicans remain a scourge in the USA. They need to be eradicated.


Judges are our last defense against Republican abuses. Yes, the Rs are busy appointing judges that they think will rule in their favor. But, judges actually have some ethics, and like to think that they are independent and fair. They also like to think they are powerful enough to spite the establishment.


Who knew tearing down two and a half centuries of small-d democratic government and institutions could be so complicated?


the truly messed up part as they operate above the law theyll refuse to take any ownership of the results…

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Additionally, reports from legal groups on the ground say the administration is continuing to separate families in violation of the Sabraw’s order. Despite pleas from the ACLU and other advocacy groups, courts have also not yet barred the administration from charging immigrant parents for the cost of phone calls with their children, DNA tests to prove their relationship, and transportation to be reunited.

As in the days of the racist Andrew Jackson, when the government refuses to enforce a court order, this is what happens: Lawlessness, oppression and tyranny spread like a plague.

Only we can rid ourselves of this.


To paraphrase 2016 Trump: “Once he gets his judges, nothing you can do, folks.”

Judges, even Trump-friendly judges, do not like being ignored or defied. Separation of Powers Strikes.