Discussion: Trump Widens, But Didn't Create, Republicans' Immigration Chasm


Because rethugs don’t believe in government they have no skill in governance.


The party of Leona Helmsley eschews “little people”


If the Repubs were Americans, or even men,they would openly back Mueller and start talking impeachment.


This is who Republicans are, do not let them tell you it is about Trump taking over the Party.


Peter King:

And if it’s not in the public eye, if you don’t have the dramatic footage

So here it is all spelled out… Out of sight, out of mind… just keep it all hidden so no one gets worked up. This sums up the modern GOP, win at any cost.


Isn’t it true that the EO 45 signed only staunches the bleeding for 20 days? This thing will rear its head in about two weeks. They aren’t out of the woods yet and I suspect the screaming from those who have hearts will be much louder the second time around.

Also, there are marches scheduled for this weekend (the 30th, I believe).

Hell no - we ain’t fergettin’.

ETA: And by the way, some on the right are calling the whole family separation thing ‘fake’ news. I’d like to take their fake news name and shove it up their butts. The Left should start using this phrase when people like Sarah H-S come out with their nonsense. Throw it back in their faces. The tweet below is from the head of the GOP in Pennsylvania.


Long ago Republicans took what is a genuinely important issue, immigration, and turned it into just another skirmish in the culture wars. They did so because (1) immigration is hard, (2) it allowed them to blame somebody else for the effect of other Republican policies that are destroying the American dream, and (3) immigrants are always a soft target.

Now they have to deal with real immigration issues but they can’t because once a problem enters the culture wars it is impossible for any politician to actually deal with it in any meaningful way.


Poor white republicans are the only ones that care about poor non-white immigrants coming in. Donald just uses it to keep their support. Rich white republican don’t care either way.


Just released their inner racist
In other news
Whaa Whaa
Roseanne Barr Calls Into Podcast and Apologizes Through Tears


Peter King is right. It’s the news cycle that shortens our attention span on issues that matter to basic human decency. Lump notions of justice and due process in along with that. The cries of small children offered a powerful salvo to punctuate the inhumanity and outright criminality of this regime. Yet, here we are with another week ahead of us.

The outrages that pour from this administration have a numbing effect on how people respond to a moral crisis and how long attention is paid to it. Michael Avenatti has, so far, been pretty good at keeping the Stormy Daniels affair alive with his media-savvy approach to the civil case. Yet, this is a one-off event. Mueller’s probe has lost traction because there has been little in the way of news to balance the constant barrage of “witch hunt” thundering from the Twitter pulpit.

My wish, like my imaginary horse, is that TPM and other serious purveyors of public information will stay hard on this case. Mueller’s investigation too. Avoid chasing after the squirrels of political celebrity gossip, inappropriately chosen attire, and presidential approval ratings. There are serious issues confronting us right now that are embedded into the bedrock of a functioning republic.


Anyone can make a list of the bogeyman-du-jour. Decades of finger pointing at any minority group (liberals, gays, gays with AIDS, government schools, lazy teachers, blacks, black-on-black crime, Muslims, ISIS Muslims, and now immigrants) offer a window into the mind of the conservative movement. I have to wonder when are these cartoonish politicians going to run out of cartoon villains?


I find this attempt to find logic in the current effort quite amusing. First, Trump’s only motivations to act are found in momentary optics of that which grants him some external approval. Second, the Hastert Rule makes compromise within the GOP impossible. This is the Freedom Caucus’ prime leverage. Third, remember what happened to Bush when he tried. The GOP base does not want more brown people. Period. If we want policy with a scosh of logic, we need a Democratic government and an active electorate.


Yeah, keeping america white has be the main issue to republicans since desegregation and long before.


Shorter immigration: it exposes the rift between republicans who are stone racists and republicans who are willing to pander to racists most of the time.


“Immigration is the fault— and all of the problems that we’re having, because we cannot get them to sign legislation, we cannot get them even to the negotiating table, and I say it’s very strongly the Democrats’ fault,” [tRump] said.

Translation: we are so blindingly f-ing incompetent that we can’t get our own way when we have a majority.


American businessmen constantly bitch about shortages of workers who show up timely and sober, despite a generous wage which frankly borders on charity. American workers can’t afford $700 apartments on $9.50 an hour.

That’s the chasm. Republicans’ answer is to take away everyone’s health insurance and to make it as difficult as possible for workers to organize. The endgame doesn’t raise $9.50 per hour into $15, it systematically makes the rest of the menu worse, until $9.50 an hour doesn’t look so bad.

We’re all immigrants now.


That’s just it they’ll never run out of villains. The poor put upon heroes of the Republican party are now going to have bow down to two masters, the 1% and Trump. They’ll ignore any and all injustices so long as the machine keeps spewing out money to top.


Rep. Peter King (R-NY) echoed this sentiment, telling TPM: “This immediate crisis seems to be going away.
What for 2 weeks???


“If the problem is no longer there, the Congress will definitely not act to solve a future problem,” Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) told reporters. “If you want to solve the problem, the pressure of trying to get families and kids back together in the shortest period of time is probably the kind of dynamic we need.”

Funny how the problem if funneling more wealth and power into the “good few hands” never seems be a distraction for them when they have to authorize the military to invade a country for the flimsiest of reasons. Or how taking that flimflammery seems to make money for their donors. Doesn’t matter who they hurt along the way the greed monster must always be fed.