Discussion: Trump When Asked If Attacks On Khan Family A Mistake: Define 'Mistake'

Well, for our purposes let’s define “mistake” as a thing that disgusts every decent human being on the planet, that sickens everyone who ever loved another person, who ever had a passing thought for parents who’ve lost a child to war. A mistake is when you can’t tell the difference between some imagined religious restriction and a mother’s grief. And a mistake is when you mindlessly attack anyone, anyone at all, who criticizes you, no matter how deeply that criticism might be deserved. Let’s define “mistake” that way.


Well played Mattipna, well played!


“It’s been put to bed for a long time, and I don’t think there’s any reason for you to reopen it,” Trump said.

I'm sure whatever "fair moderator" the Trump campaign forces on the debate organizers will similarly drop the Khan issue like a hot potato upon Donald ordering him to knock it the hell off.
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Trump running for president is a mistake.
People supporting Trump for president is a bigger mistake.


Couldn’t have said it better.

What comes after “quadrupling down”?

Octuplling down?

Hexadecimalling down??


Define: ‘Mistake’

Your father not stopping by Walgreens to pick up a box of Trojans that night in 1945.


Is define “mistake” now the equivalent of “define what ‘is’ is”?

Trump seems to be trying desperately to get back on message only to never quite make it. MSNBC had a great analysis of this whole situation last night comparing him to a candidate who ran a similar campaign in 1990 in Massachusetts.

Yeah, Trump appeals to Working Class White Men…which is pretty much how Reagan won in 1980. The only problem is there’s a whole lot less Working Class White Men these days than there were back then.


From the R perspective (actually from most lovers of democracy and the USA) a mistake is Donald Trump

Define ‘Mistake’

Your orange appearance, bizarre temperament, and defective genetics.


“Well, on the Second Amendment, everybody came to my defense.” Well, everybody on my payroll. Except that guy! I didn’t get a ha-rumph from that guy. (Give Mr. Trump a har-umph!)

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put to bed for a long time

Huh, Donald anticipates his fate…

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Can we just bump this up to “Great Post” right now?


Have we been noticing the way that Trump and his minions have been responding to questions about various gaffes by saying that they’re old news and no one wants to talk about them any more? And how the reporters have apparently been accepting the campaign’s news judgment at face value? Trump is at the point where he needs the interviews rather than vice versa, but the cringing and fawning is still in effect.

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Once again, this coward “calls in” to defend himself (poorly.) I really think we should demand that he show up in person to argue his case, but the stenographers seem to be perfectly willing to “interview” him over the telephone. He is a ludicrous jackass with phony hair, a big mouth and the thought processes of a mentally ill or demented person. How can anyone take him seriously? We should just start laughing at him, but the fact that a major political party is prepared to let him run for the highest office in the land is not funny.

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Fine with me. I’m beginning to wonder if letting the voters have the last word is the right thing in every situation. : )

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Is it possible to credibly claim Trump could survive more than 5-6 months in the pressure cooker of the Oval Office?

Wouldn’t a great many people in D.C quickly think “OMFG, what have we done?!?!”

Everyone leaving the White House would plead with those that were with them, “Somebody please tell me what the hell just happened in there? What was that all about? Many people are telling him Japan is planning an invasion of Oregon?! WTF? And we’re going to mix coal in with cowfeed?!”

Define mistake: That thing your mother did the day you were conceived.


Define Mistake: “The Birth of a Trump.”

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