Discussion: Trump: 'We'll See' If I Show Up To The Next Fox News Debate

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He’s tired. And bored …This is work he’s not used to. Go home Donnie. Go the fuck home.


This is working out well for tRump. He’s marketed his brand to the rubes with a zillion dollars worth of free air time. Now the classless world-class asshole can exit stage right and continue his grifting elsewhere.


I did think Trump was heading towards nomination as he persisted for a while but it now looks he is getting weaker as his schtick is not as appealing to his base. Amazingly enough, the beneficiary will be Rubio.

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Hype it baby, hype it! Stay tuned for more YUUUGE news!

He’s going to shoot the puppy because it nipped at him. I’m really interested in how far he can really take his petulance.

Gotta resort to one of the ole personal favorites here:


I think much closer to the truth is that the trust-fund tyrant has become bored.

I think his defeat in Iowa is responsible for his boredom. I don’t think he expected to fail there. He never thought he could fail with all loony party. He just doesn’t know how to handle this situation. I bet he cant wait for NH and beyond. NH win will give him his mojo back as he has no memory retention ability.

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I imagine the master campaign strategist figures that by the time the debate comes around he’ll have found his natural spot at the top of the heap again, alpha dog that he is, and he won’t have to bother with such petty loser stuff.


How will we see you if you’re not there? I swear, Donnie dear, you are getting more and more silly.

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What’s that line again about wet fingers and the electric socket?

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After Iowa, you can bet your ass he will show up.
Of course he will hem and haw, and bloviate about how they are “mistreating him”, and DEMAND special treatment, and that the moderators kiss his ass, etc. etc. but in the end he WILL show up.
Donald may be a megalomaniac, but he isn’t stupid (he just acts that way to get votes.)

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“The network announced Thursday that it would hold a debate on March 3 in Detroit, with Kelly expected to moderate again.”

No fan of Meygn Kelly,but Mr Trump you can believe if you show she is going to have something waiting on you that will blow your mind and your cover,time will be on her side,all your snide remarks and put downs of her will come home to roost and I would probably tune in to see it.

Thanks for the Vid.

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Let’s see if his numbers are strong enough by next month for him to even be invited.


Poor Donnie is still working through his seven stages of grief. They don’t end in acceptance but they do include silence, frustration, attack, regret, denial and petulance…


It really does make you wonder, though.

I can definitely see him abruptly walking away once his numbers start to slip even a little.

He can then spend the rest of his life bragging about how he walked away from the biggest job in the world because he wouldn’t accept it if the decision wasn’t unanimous.


The long slow march to quitting the race has begun.


You took the words right off my keyboard. Nuff said.

Always on the carpeted areas… gotta know where to have hissy fits.

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