Discussion: Trump Welcomes Spain PM To WH Days Before Crucial Secession Vote

Interesting since I have a daughter doing a study abroad in Sevilla, pretty good ways from Barcelona though it seems.

Following El Dotard proclaiming how “proud I am to welcome El Presidenté Rajoy to the White House,” the Spanish Prime Minister spent a few minutes playing “¿Pendejo dice qué?” until Cockholster tired of answering “What?”

He then promised to send the US military to Spain to “take care of that uprising thing. If you can’t do it,” he told Rajoy, “America can.”

An anonymous White House spokesman later explained that the President actually meant he would send American troops to Spain after he rid Mexico of drug dealers, ensured the complete obliteration of the Korean Peninsula, and completed planning for a Fourth of July military parade that would be even more spectacular than Bastille Day.