Discussion: Trump Urges Unity, Reiterates Defeating Terrorism With Gulf State Leaders

Allying himself with Middle East dictators. What could possibly go wrong?


Donnie just got tired of the Nazi’s…


It is as the orb foretold…


The good part is the Saudi’s know a charlatan and crook when they see one… They played him like Fiddle when he went there… They have this fools number…He can no more be trusted than the heroin addict but is easily manipulated. …

Stumble bum is flailing and failing…just like his history. .A reminder.

Lest you have forgotten.


History doesn’t lie and tells the truth:

Fascist leaders always resort to trumping up and playing the patriotism card when they know a nation is crumbling from their exploitation of the populous. There is a very cynister reason Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, trump, and the rest of them play to their base with the complete BS of patriotism - when they themselves are cowards and traitors. Trump is despicable. Impeach, prosecute, and throw him and Pence in jail!

The Republican Party is destroying our democracy! Oligarchs and wealth concentration and police and guns all over the place is NOT Democracy!

People - wake up. The Dems aren’t perfect but they aren’t Republicans.

Ah shit … just for grins —