Discussion: Trump Surrogates' Latest Argument For ‘Rigged Election’ Claims: Al Gore


The difference of course is that Al Gore didn’t spend the last month of his campaign whining that the election is rigged and the media was just a bunch of big fat meanie doody heads, and the results in Florida required a recount.

Trump is nothing like Gore… in any way.


Former New York City mayor and Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani denied that Trump would use what he calls biased media coverage as ground to declare the election illegitimate,

“But Rudy, your hero did that so many times that he eclipsed CNN’s hurricane coverage.”


Doesn’t matter that the analogy is broken. “See…how do u like it…we are doing to you what you did to us…we are making you feel what we felt when you did it…how does our retaliation sammich taste???”


Kellyanne Conway and Rudy Guiliani use the most tortured logic imaginable in arguing this. But that has characterized the entire Drumpf campaign effort.


Never thought I’d appreciate Chris Christie. At least he knew when to walk away.

Guliani and Conway are abetting a treasonous individual. I don’t think that’s too strong considering accepting election outcomes is foundational for a working democracy.

Please…just stop.


No. No more Trump surrogates, the real thing was horrible enough. The Al Smith dinner should be fun…


Trump apologists like to bring up Gore, but it was Bush who took that issue to federal court, not him. Then the Supreme Court intervened on Bush’s behalf to stop the recount, and even though he felt like he got fucked over, Gore conceded defeat. There’s no similarities whatsoever.


What on earth are they talking about, Aunt Bee? My lands!


With the depth of Trump’s inevitable loss … Not conceding won’t matter —

It will not amount to a bump… nay, a pebble in the road of progress –



Kelly Anne shut your yap.

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Bush – 50,456,002 – 271
Gore – 50,999,897 – 266

Gore won the popular vote, Bush the electoral. It was at least close.


“Legally, the only way you could challenge it is if there is some kind of election fraud or a miscount, which is what Gore did,” former New York City mayor and Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani said on MSNBC.

So, is Giuliani conceding, after all these years, there really was some sort of fraud or misconduct that cost Al Gore the 2000 election? Cold comfort now, you dirty asswipe. It figures – the only way a Republican can “win” is to cheat.


What does ‘accepting the election results’ have to do with conceding?

What does accepting the results have to do with recounts or making certain there’s not a problem if there clearly is one?

These people are mental.


Only after that recount showed the race even closer than it was
previously—just 327 votes separated the two candidates out of 6 million
votes total across the state—did Gore opt to pursue a hand recount in
four counties, a right granted to him by Florida law.

The final margin was 537, not 327.

This is the reason and the only reason



Given the GOP stonewall of President Obama’s SCOTUS nominee, and the recent slip and walk back by McCain, I wonder if there has not been a shadow GOP strategy of keeping the Supreme Court at 8 justices so that a legal challenge to the result of the Presidential election cannot gain a 5 vote majority rejection and gives the GOP a “legal cloud” argument over the HRC presidency to justify 8 more years of obstruction and extortion. I know it is sort of a paranoid thought.

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The similarity is that the media covered the 2001 election, and they’re covering the 2016 election. That’s enough right there to confuse his little mind.

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Yuuuge difference between contesting the election results of one state because they were within the margin of error and declaring the entire electoral process rigged.

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Conspicuously absent from this historical discussion: the case before the Supreme Court was filed by Republicans. They sued to stop the recount because they were losing.