Discussion: Trump: 'Stay Tuned!' For Updates On U.S. Captives Held In North Korea

Past administration??

Please, will anyone be pointing out that two of the three remaining North Korean captives were taken into custody after Dump took office?


If I had a loved one imprisoned in North Korea, I would not be amused by “Stay Tuned!” This is real life, not the Apprentice.


“Stay tuned.” The reality-show mindset is steeped into every nook and cranny.


Donny, please. Please. It is not a reality show. There’s no cutting to commercial, with the big reveal after the break.

In other news, being reported that the big US trade negotiation mission to China surprised the Chinese with the lack of any significant advance planning and the members of the group have fundamental disagreements and therefore no consistent strategy.

If Trump uses the same recipe for success with Kim, we will end up selling North Korea enriched uranium.

Forget it, Donald, Rudy spilled the beans…

Keir Simmons made exactly that point in a report just now on MSNBC.


Yes. I’ve beeen pleased to note it is being pointed out across the sane spectrum. I don’t dare tune into Pravda, I mean, Fox.