Discussion: Trump Spox Says Colorado's Delegate Process Was A 'Pyramid Scheme'

Not unlike Trump University.


Isn’t Katrina dating Ted Cruz?

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Carson strikes again…


and if there is one thing the Donald knows is pyramid schemes…

and Carson agrees and chimes in… “Yeah, storing wheat should have nothing to do with the nominating process…”


Of course, she’s completely misunderstanding either what a pyramid scheme is or what actually happens in the Colorado process. Whatever you think of how the Colorado GOP selects delegates, it’s not a pyramid scheme.

These kinds of statements just compound the ignorance.


thus is Trumps electoral strategy.

edit: like interest rates compounding over time, as does the ignorance rate compound over time in the republican party.

like recognizes like?

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I totally agree on the ignorance part but I must say she handles herself very well in every interview I have seen with her. She stays calm and cool and does her job.

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Pierson must spend more time in the make-up chair than the entire cast of “Planet of the Apes” ever did.

And the obvious response by MSNBC to really pin the spokesman down should have been, “So for the benefit of our viewers, could you describe exactly what a pyramid scheme is?” The blank look on her face at that point would have said volumes. So obvious but yet another media failure.


And it hasn’t helped her one bit.

when you sell your soul, you usually do get something in return…

seems calmness and coolnesswas her price…

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Agreed. She is excellent at her job. It’s a shame her job is to be a liar.

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Nothing this woman says as a shill for tRump impresses me. Whenever she has something to say, I see her as nothing more than a paid mouthpiece with a paycheck signed by Donald J. Trump. Her bilious attacks really have no effect on this election, other than to pay for her spa treatments and mini-pedis. I have yet to hear her say anything that is even slightly thoughtful or intelligent. She emotes. So what. That’s all Republicans do these days. They’re incapable of much else.


not sure media “failure” is quite the right term.

if their intent was to inform, I would agree.

as they are for profit entities, their intent is to drive ratings. Trump has proven to be a consistent source of ratings, thus his campaign will only be pressed far enough for the msm to pretend to be a legitimate source of info.

besides as CTodd notes, it’s not their job

‘pyramid scheme’. I do not think that word means what you think it does.

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There’s still a general election to go, Drumpf, and you just spent two days losing Colorado to Hillary.



I fell on the floor and died laughing …