Discussion: Trump Set To Roll Back Limits On Military Gear For Local Police

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I don’t know about you, but I feel much safer now.

:unamused: Sigh.


At least Trump is consistent, amazingly so. At virtually every decision point, he makes the wrong choice. In fact, he goes out of his way to find things about which to make bad decisions, things that could just as easily be left alone.


Obama’s order permitted the continued availability of protective gear, vehicles and weapons to fight crime. Trump wants to give back weapons and vehicles to fight wars. I hope instructions will be included. Adequate and effective training on defusing situations would be nice, too - but, that won’t happen when you can wipe out a city block full of black and brown people. “Here’s your new toys - have fun. And just remember the Joe Arpaio pardon -the same deal’s available for all of you, even if you do worse things than he did.”


“Sessions has said he believes improving morale for local law enforcement is key to curbing spikes in violence in some cities.”

And what could raise morale more than the opportunity to mow down citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights? Especially if they are…well, you know.
The equipment will probably come with a requirement that it never be used on “fine people” who are protecting their heritage.


OH can’t wait for my 5 man police force to get a tank…


BAYONETS??!!! What in the hell have we come to that anyone at any level at the federal, state, or local level could think for a second that such things were appropriate for police use?


And the hits just keep coming.

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Yeah, the boys love their toys. They’ll probably use it for recruiting new officers.

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@katscherger Yeah, the boys love their toys. They’ll probably use it for recruiting new officers.

And the parades! Don’t forget the parades! The kids will love it. Nothing like seeing that turret revolve in your direction, and the tube pointed right at you.


“assets that would otherwise be scrapped can be repurposed to help state, local, and tribal law enforcement better protect public safety and reduce crime,”

That’s one way to put it. Pretty damn slick.

If we were interpreting the actions of a second or third world autocrat, we’d say this: threatened by major sectors of the populace and the government, he’s trying to line up military, police, and paramilitary forces behind him to meet the looming confrontation.

The trans ban was supposed to appeal to the military, the ‘rough-em-up’ remark to the police, the ‘on many sides, on many sides’ aside to rightist paramilitaries, etc. etc. And now we have the grenade launchers and the bayonets, the tracked armor, the weaponized aircraft and vehicles. Trouble ahead, trouble behind.


Sieg Heil, y’all!

50 cal weapons? The Geneva Conventions prohibit the use of them on people. The 50 Cal is an anti-equipment weapon deemed to large a caliber for use on personnel. Despite what Trump’s seen in Rambo movies or Apocalypse Now grenade launchers are horribly inaccurate. They’re designed for indirect fire at an enemy you cannot see. Bayonets? Those are last ditch weapons for use in close COMBAT only. NATO style bayonets are slashing not stabbing weapons and inflict horrific trauma. Full Tracked vehicles? You’ll keep your street repair folks busy with them and that’s about all.

And we should not forget that these weapons were designed with America’s enemies in mind but Trump wants them turned on Americans. Just so he can look like a bad ass. Trump has got to be the biggest pussy prez in our history.


Have a Nice Day


I can see by that CIB in your icon you know what you’re talking about.


Oh, he doesn’t have to find things to screw up. I’m sure someone has compiled a list of every decision Obama made, most of them quite positive. He’s merely working down the list, dismantling them all.

Sadly, this isn’t snark.


Fits right in with a fascist takeover.

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Grenade launchers? Seriously?

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Don’t knock them! You take out a few jaywalkers, and the rest get the message.