Discussion: Trump Says WikiLeaks Releases Prove Clinton Sets 'Terrible Example' For Kids

Like raping a 13-year old, Donnie?
Like groping women, Donnie?
Like walking into a dressing room of teen-age girls, Donnie?
Like insulting veteran’s, Donnie?
Like insulting veteran’s family’s, Donnie?
Like cheating the saps who work for you, Donnie?
Like being a misogynistic, racist, homophobe, Donnie?


Does he really want to go there?


That fact that we just take for granted that SO many accounts related to the Dems have been hacked, and that all that information is out there because of this illegal activity says a lot. Trump can just refer to stolen information as something bad that he can use to bolster his opinions.

If the shoe were on the other foot, we likely wouldn’t have to say anything. Trump’s emails would be indicting.


From the guy who wants to date 10-year-olds as soon as they reach majority?


Right. Because you know, when I’m thinking to myself, self, what’s most likely to come up in conversation with a young child that sprang from my loins, I always find myself returning to the old standby of “now you see here, miss, and listen to me good: don’t you ever ever become Secretary of State and keep your own personal email server at home that you use for some of your official emails, thereby risking exposure of classified information”…not stupid meaningless things like “don’t touch people or grab them by the genitals without their permission…that’s not ok…and if someone does it to you, report it immediately.”


“I have a son named Barron, and let me tell you, she is a terrible example for my son…"

Well, actually anyone who doesn’t shit on a 24K toilet bowl is a bad example for CyberBoy.


“I have a son named Barron, and let me tell you, she is a terrible example for my son."

Wow. He really went there?

Publicly dragging his own child into a political hit job?

Using the 10-tear-old as a human shield for critics?

Best. Father. Evah!


“Hillary Clinton gets the questions to a debate, and then what happens is, the media, they don’t ever say ‘Why didn’t you turn it in? Why did you use those questions?’” Trump said at a rally in Warren, Michigan."

I suppose my first comment was slightly off the mark though. You see, he’s not terribly concerned about the email server. No no. That didn’t have a direct effect on Donald himself and so he didn’t take it very personally…but Brazile perhaps giving a heads up on a debate question? Now THAT’S something the whole world of child-reerers should be concerned about because something something direct effect on Donald Trump and something he and his mindless mob of Murkin white nationalists can all take very very personally.


Trump’s razor strikes again. He brings up setting a terrible example for kids! It just reminds voters what a terrible example he’s set and why they don’t want to vote for him.


Well, isn’t Barron going to be hired on as a computer expert for a HO administration (which is not going to happen)?


Wow! This is ironic in so many ways from the guy you would not trust to babysit your pet hamster.


Hopefully nobody takes the bait. Pretty easy not to really I should think. Of course, I’d still love to see someone like Anderson Cooper ask him “and what kind of message do you think it sends to your son when you talk about women like you do?” To which he’d have to reply, if replying truthfully, “any child from my loins has the right to touch and grope whoever he wants with impunity…I am the ultimate sexual being and my prowess is not to be questioned, my permission always implicit, and my ownership of all that I see inherent.”


Or even your pet rock.


Right. He would find some novel way to debase an inanimate object.


Donald, the paragon of ethics, named his kid after the alias he used to deceive the press while acting as his own PR man.

What they said 10x.


Does this man have at least one original thought?


“I have a son named Barron, and let me tell you, she is a terrible example for my son, and for the children in this country,” Trump said.

Sp when is Melania going to have press conference about her citizenship?


Ah, yes, Trump, who sets some sort of example for predators, con men, cheaters everywhere.

Hey, someone has to be good at something.


I really hate our national media. They should refuse to cover any leaked emails on the grounds that this leak was clearly perpetrated by a foreign country trying to influence our election. Any nationals who are effectively encouraging this behavior - such as, by giving it a wide platform and realizing its goal of influencing the election - should also be considered guilty of election interference. I just don’t understand why this doesn’t get more attention from the media. Every time a new batch of emails leaks, they are all “This raises questions blah blah blah”. The only question it raises is, why are you encouraging Russia’s cyber crimes?