Discussion: Trump Says POTUS Should Apologize For O'Care, Trots Out Bill Clinton Impression

Just saw a ad by a super pac showing images of the folks killed in Benghazi. An obvious swift boat attempt.
Utterly tasteless.
Before Obama got the ACA passed some 40% of Americans had no health insurance. Many could not afford a doctor visit. Today under the ACA the uninsured is down to 9%. I suppose trump would prefer poor Americans have nothing. I seem to remember trump saying he loved the poor. Welp, the truth will come out.


Sadly, because of GOP obstruction and stupidity ‘we didn’t understand what we were signing’ BS and the insurance industry having a heavy hand in the writing of ACA, we don’t have the best national health care program and a Congress unwilling and unable to fix the problems with it. Now people are complaining about the skyrocketing rates which could have otherwise been avoided with any Congressional action.

In other news, Bill Clinton is still wildly popular, even among some Republicans, so mocking him is not going to go over well.


Trump just has to be a flaming asshat.


He’ll replace it with the equivalent of Trump University. Only the best!

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Poor Donnie his brain just don’t work right.

Slightly different from his approach yesterday, when Trump was saying Bill was “in big trouble with Hillary”; that is, the old ‘she’s a ball-busting bitch’ argument. Because that always goes over well with women.


“So you know,” Trump said, in what was not a particularly self-aware moment, "they’re always telling me, if you say something, just apologize. Just apologize. I think that President Obama should apologize for Obamacare.”

This is definitely going to come back haunt him. I bet Team Clinton is all over this one and will pounce on it during the debate. She should stand there and list all the people Trump should apologize to and why. Something like…

“Donald, you said President Obama should apologize for passing the Affordable Care Act that has provided healthcare to X million Americans. Well, Donald, when are you going to apologize? When are you going to apologize to President Obama for running a racist campaign to delegitamize him? When are you going to apologize to the Khan family, the Gold Star family who’s son was killed in Iraq, when are you going to apologize for the nasty things you said about them? Or, Alicia Machado who you called “fat”? Or all the other women you’ve shamed and humiliated over the years? When are you going to apologize for calling John McCain, a POW, a loser? And when are you going to apologize for all the people you’ve cheated and swindled over the years, the folks who you defrauded with your Trump University scam or the contractors you never paid? President Obama has nothing to apologize for, but you’ve never a day in your life taken responsibility for any of the hateful things you’ve said and done to others.”


OMG. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you are brilliant. This is right on.


Trump should apologize for existing.

Jesus, what a fuckin embarrassment.

All his whining and excuses. I concluded long ago that Marshall’s thesis about Trump and “Dominance Politics” was way wrong, and precisely for these reasons. Trump has been dominated and publicly humiliated consistently for the last, at least, four months now, and his base support hasn’t moved one iota. No matter how thoroughly he has been dominated, no matter how much he whines and makes excuses, no matter how much he humiliates himself and this country…nothing. They’re cool with it.

It’s weird, too, because Americans, as a general rule, don’t tend to like everything that Trump embodies. An ivory-towered rich bully who whines when he loses. If this were a movie, we’d all cheer enthusiastically when he got his ass handed to him.

Plus, Americans hate losers. And this guy is a fuckin’ loser. I mean, holy shit. I’m actually appalled by him. And not just by his blatant racism and ignorance anymore. I’m appalled by the totality of this guy. What a sniveling little douche. Waa waa waa. I’m so awesome, and you’re all losers, except when I’m a loser, which is all the time, then it’s somebody else’s fault, and anyway, I’m not really a loser, even though I just admitted it, I’m really a winner and you all are just stupid. Sad!


His supporters are supposed to be the ones that hate losers the most. They don’t have that liberal empathy chip that kicks in and electrocutes the shit out of us, even when a bully gets completely humiliated, and has to walk home with that bloody nose, weeping hysterically. How have they not turned on this pathetic piece of shit like a pack of hungry wolves? I don’t understand.

Again, so much for Marshall’s “Dominance Politics” theory.


The GOP will off this guy if ever gets into the White House once he no longer serves any purpose. And nobody will prosecute.


I think you’re reading it all wrong. They don’t believe Trump has been humiliated, they believe he’s the one humiliating everyone else. They don’t believe he’s been dominated, they think he won the first debate. They think he’s been winning this whole time and every failure is more proof of his winning. So, he takes Clinton’s bait and attacks Alicia Machado, but in their eyes, he won because he humiliated her even further.


Cringe inducing…


“Donald, you said etc.”

You’ve channeled Hillary perfectly. I can just see her, forming complete thoughts and sentences, calmly calling out this fraud, then waiting patiently for his bizarro response and he’ll be unable to say anything coherent because his rage thermostat is broken.

@seanmalloy Fellini’s already directed The Clowns “part reality, part fantasy” with a cast almost as big as the R party. Very prescient I’d say.

@dave_mb Hillary’s proposing a version of Medicare for all. Easy to understand, minimal overhead, and even the youngsters who haven’t enrolled in ACA, which is part of the problem, would be covered and would pay a premium.


And his face will turn from orange to beet red and he’ll get all flustered and will start stammering.,


It’s like Fellini directing the Andy Griffith Show.


Yes, Obama should apologize for giving millions of people health insurance and keeping them from being ripped off by the insurance company.


With HO as the love child of Otis and Aunt Bea.


This is very tangential to your excellent post…but I want to put this out there…and it has to do with people who are determined to undermine their own future because of petulance.

Over at HuffPo they have made a valid point that Mike Pence, in his own way, presents a Right Wing menace as grim (in its own way) as Trump…particularly if and when Trump “outsources” a number of Trump Administration policies and decisions to Pence.

These would be devastating to any young person who is not a Trust Fund Baby.

And if Gary Johnson has no realistic chance of winning the Presidency, why give one’s vote to him and enable the election of a “dynamic duo” of an insane fascist and a far Right ideologue?

There is nothing “dull”, “boring” or “email-ish” about someone–Hillary–who represents the only alternative to these two despicable candidates. The time for games is over.

As an aside, I was greatly disappointed (except for Lawrence) in the MSNBC stable Post VP Debate analysts. Having a seven-figure job does not absolve a person from social responsibility. I have known professors at top schools who could have crushed the dreams of students and who, nevertheless, remembered when THEY were in their students’ shoes.

These MSM people are NOT journalists in any way shape or form. They PLAY AT IT**, because that’s why people tune in.

And that is the only reason.

** The perks overcame the passion long ago


The Brits have a phrase for on air personalities: News Readers.